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  1. I love online dating, espesially this best gay hookup apps; Many stories; maybe I'll share sometime! To the people asking 'why'? It's easy; it's quick and you can talk to many different types of girls, without any consequence; You don't want to worry about making the first approach, or not being able to hear them in a loud pub/club etc.
  2. As a lover of Cuban music and one who was introduced to salsa in Cuba, it frustrates the hell out of me when all I hear at socials are Colombian and Puerto Rican salsa. I simply do not connect with this music the way I connect with Cuban salsa. Unfortunately, I am a minority in this regards since the excuse many DJs give me when I ask them why they don’t play more Cuban salsa is that no one dances to Cuban music and they have trouble finding the beat or it’s too fast. So they simply don’t play it. I am lucky to hear one or two Cuban salsas when I go out dancing. _____________ https
  3. Everyday 7 minute workout as suggested on https://careyourbodynow.com/7-belly-fat-burning-workouts-you-can-do-at-home/. Three days a week (T-Th-Su), hour and a half. Fifty minutes lifting weights - bench press (150), squat (430), bicep curls (70), military press (100), lat pulldown (130) Thirty minutes running - anywhere from a mile and a half to three miles Twenty minutes - situps (20 @ 5 seconds, R, L, C hold for 40 seconds each), pushups (20)
  4. Someone has ever tried the products or has experience with mixing terpenes with a vape juice? I saw that a 1/2% ratio would be enough so I guess the prices would make more sense, any feedback on this?
  5. My daughter owns a small business, she’s not laying off anybody but will let go of her office. She and her staff will be working at home. I think she’s planning to move to a diiferent location anyway, but this speeds it up. Personally I've been scrolling mortgage reviews to get some financial help
  6. I have very limited experience with Zoom, don't have an account myself but participate regularly in a social gathering someone else hosts. I Zoomed with two colleagues yesterday. None of us had an account and we sadly ⚡️ poofed ⚡️in a quick 40 minutes. It was a shockingly short amount of time. I'd suggest using a password for the meeting to avoid interlopers.
  7. My wife just got hers yesterday. Moderna. She's a social worker for the VA. She feels fine. Arm sore exactly as it is when she gets a flu shot. She'll get her second dose in a few weeks.
  8. To the lake is another great show on Netflix. Though I really don't have time to watch TV right now as I need to find a decent translation service to help with my documents. I found some reviews, but it turned out quite challenging to find a decent translator. Btw, once I have more time I'm going to watch Quuen's Gambit as I love chess and all my friends swear by this show

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