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  1. I’m a land surveyor in the US. This pretty much made my week. The NGS (National Geodetic Survey) is currently in the process of changing the US survey foot to match the international foot (currently a 2 part per million difference). I am going to begin a grassroots effort to lobby for washing machines and toasters instead.
  2. I must have read the first few chapters of this book a dozen times by now.
  3. The merch looks fantastic. Was I the only one who raced through at breakneck speed as if it were 24:24?
  4. This afternoon I had the pleasure of a random call from a friend I hadn’t seen in a couple of years. I knew he used to be a NC smoker, and nowadays he doesn’t smoke much at all anymore. We were going on a boat ride before lunch and I threw a couple of beautiful D4 tubos in my bag. On the way back to the harbor I pulled out the cigars, and we lit up. This was likely his first Cuban ever. At first he stated that he was enjoying the cigar. Then about halfway through, I saw the genuinely impressed look on his face when he turned to me and said, “damn…this is one a hell of a cigar buddy
  5. If I ever have the pleasure to quit a job again I want to recreate this moment.
  6. Its apparently a large cigar 24 hours for me. Managed to grab a fiver of RA Gigantes last night on 2424, and these showed up at my house today. Going to save these for a special occasion, and by special occasion I mean any three hour window I happen to find for smoking a cigar.
  7. Hah are these random images from the web or actual submissions to BR?
  8. I had the pleasure of going to Zac Brown Band this past weekend, my first concert since Covid. The venue was Jones Beach in Long Island NY. Tailgating, beers, cigars and friends. Felt like a pretty good kind of normal.
  9. This is a great idea! For me a unique nub tool, separate from draw tool, might be nice for those smokes you simply can't let go of. I found that when I used my PerfecDraw as a nub tool, the next handful of times I used it in its intended capacity as a draw tool it added a burnt, off-putting taste to the cigar.
  10. Do the Sport Largos have similar characteristics (other than size) to the Belvederes. I have a box of Belvederes but have never tried the Sport Largos.
  11. Are Monte A still in current production? I never see them anywhere.
  12. @Bijan Top 4 characteristics listed on CCW are Floral, Cocoa, Earth and Honey. Do you recall your general impressions of dominant character? I have never tried these and think I would like to.

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