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  1. Received a bottle over the summer as a gift. Just cracked it, really enjoying this. Nice caramel, vanilla and spice.
  2. My gut feeling is to hate any kind of policy that says I can’t drink on a plane. However, if the safety of the flight attendants has become an issue than perhaps this does need to happen. Anyone who gets drunk and attacks a flight attendant over mask mandates deserves an ass whooping from fellow passengers, restrained to their seat and have the goddam book thrown at them during sentencing. Is this really what we’ve come to? Too immature to drink on a plane without attacking someone over mask policy…
  3. I gave myself a preemptive pat on the back for an obscure guess of Alexander Skarsgard for number 3…I had a great laugh when I discovered it was Brady!
  4. Wow that story gets even weirder. Apparently the whole time Peter the dolphin was high on LSD. Gotta love the 60’s…dolphin experiment not going well…give the dolphin some acid and see if we can pick up the pace.
  5. I would have killed to have had this lady as a teacher in high school. ”That young man can’t complete his lessons all frustrated now can he…”
  6. Some recent boxes. Note the drastic color difference between the PSP D4's from FoH and the 10 box from elsewhere. The small box is part of my plan not to break into larger boxes of D4...ever! While the Montes have a 2019 date they have a hint of ammonia to them, so I expect they will require extended sleep. Alex canonazos I grabbed a little while back. All recent debates notwithstanding, they seem well constructed and have a deep barnyard and cocoa aroma. I look forward to giving them a go in the Spring.
  7. Better watch what vendor you throw petty gripes at, I can think of someone who would cancel an account over how this exchange would potentially transpire🤣 I feel it’s in bad form to ask. If the vendor caters to this request because you are a repeat customer, they chance risking developing a reputation as someone dumb enough to accept returned smokes because of the taste. It’s not the vendors fault and they shouldn’t allow themselves to get walked on.
  8. It’s always a mental and emotional strain when our children are sick. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.
  9. One box I can see…but I’m with you on the two boxes being a total mystery hah!
  10. 8 euro is a decent price for a three pack…might have to consider these.
  11. So does that infer that the original strains die out simply because their potential hosts are infected by the newer strain, leaving them without a host to transfer to?

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