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  1. Welcome, I’m a bit of a newbie still myself but it’s a great community. Sounds like you’re in deeper than me, but I think I’m on my way too.
  2. I’m a bit if a newbie but I’m enjoying my first good box of, what’s to me, a high-end cigar with Connie A’s (LUB JUN 15). I’m still trying to distinguish flavors, etc. any help would be appreciated as to how to appreciate the smoke, and I have a good buddy that’s well versed to help me understand things but I thought a few other options would be good to hear too. I’ve been buying some aged boxes and some new stock to age myself. A few questions I had: 1.) Why does the flavor change as you smoke the cigar-it’s all the same tobacco leaf inside right? 2.) What’s the difference between
  3. Hey guys, glad to finally get on FOH and get the right post in the Newbie section. A good buddy @Markspring1978 got me a nice cuban recently as a gift and now I'm in, looking to expand the collection and appreciation for good cigars.

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