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  1. Enjoying one now. It's a very nice cigar. White pepper and some baking spices to start, with some nuttiness and maple sweetness coming through, but I'm on the fence about the price. Are the other, cheaper slim Upmanns comparable or just not as complex? Thanks!
  2. When I'm tasting something for the first time, I like a mildly flavored sparking water. Lime and mint works well; refreshes the palate without interfering with the cigar.
  3. Considering picking up a few of these. Enjoyed a Belicoso recently too. Is the Exhibition profile a bit stronger and sweeter?
  4. Vigia. Mid 19 box date, not sure offhand. Possibly my favorite cigar.
  5. I have also heard they improve with a couple years of age. I'd agree with the above comments about not loving how they smoke young, but I've glad you've had more positive experiences with them!
  6. Those are really cool. Might have to preorder/kickstarter one myself.
  7. HdM Epicure De Luxe Oct 19. Very, very woody, with less salt/earthiness than the regular Epicure No. 2. Still, nice.
  8. Simple and classic morning, finally nice weather here. Datejust and an Epicure De Luxe.
  9. Thinking of pulling the trigger on a box of these, but have had wildly varying draw issues with other Upmanns, moreso than any other brand. For those who smoke Connie A's often, any draw issues? Thanks!
  10. Feb 20 Juan Lopez No 1. One of my favorite daily cigars--toasted nuts and a bit of burnt caramel, and some gamey notes too.
  11. Reviews seem to be rather hard to come by. Anyone had and enjoyed (or hated it?) Thanks!
  12. I don't have the aged stock that some of you do, but having said that: Young: Sancho Panza Gran Quixote Belux Regional (2020) Old(ish): H. Upmann Connie 1 Oct 2018

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