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  1. Did someone noticed about the unpleasant odour of the external boxes of Monte and RA? Like a kind of a mix between paint and varnish, not the best idea from HSA...
  2. Hi there! Uh! Today is a great, finally i decided to join the forum, after watching it as a guest for close than 2 years, from time to time, and now it's an everyday drug since a few months. I'm so happy to joint this famous and very pleasant forum, with so many people who really know well about cigars. It's an essential place to learn everyday about it. As a friend of mine said, FOH is so time-consuming sometimes,but it's a well-spent time. A few words about me : I'm into CC since 5 years now, living in France. This intro is the occasion to wish all the best for this new year, to all members and FOH's team.

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