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  1. I’m using an adapter to fill it and the adapter helps tremendously compared to the Xikar butane that has 5 different inserts and one being DuPont. The holes on the plastic doesn’t fit correctly but the adapter does. I bought it 2nd hand because the last thing I need is to baby and care for another item in my pocket.
  2. Just a single flame. So far it feels like the lighter will run out of juice during my toasting process. Not sure if gaskets need to be changed or these guys just don’t have a big tank for my routine.
  3. What is everyone's thoughts on this particular stick? I had it for the first time a few weeks ago and will probably not do it again. It was quite boring and was just no-nonsense stick but I expected some Coh Robust levels of smoke. Either that or I'm really getting bored with these smokes and tend to go back to the Dom and Nig made cigars. Partagas Lusi's are something I went back for the 2nd time and found it to be a masterpiece.
  4. Thank you. I haven't used it much but it has lit up a Cohiba ESP, Davidoff Year of Ox and Davidoff Royal Salomones in its one month with me. So far in the new year I have used my cheaper torches due to weather. Looking forward to see how it will hold up as I'm a soft flame guy. The torch is single flame usually for touch ups.
  5. I just got a 'new to me' Ligne 2 lighter and haven't really used it to light my sticks but previous go-to lighter was a Dunhill Rollasgas. This may be a stupid question but how does the flame on the Dupont work like? Is it fixed or does it lower due to usage of gas? For example a Bic lighter is fixed. The flame height will always be the same until empty. Does the Dupont work this way or does the flame get smaller with more usage even after setting a preferred height.

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