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  1. Not original 170 aniversario cigars; but I love the humidor and don’t mind refilling it. 30 cigars total, 10 of each cigar. Lusi’s: MSA SEP 19, From Box of 25 Serie P No. 2: MTS MAY 20, From Box of 10 Serie E No. 2: MAR SEP 20, From Pack of 15 A/T
  2. Always curious what athletes end up smoking in their free time. Would love to see jordan’s humidor.
  3. Couldn’t resist this oddity of a seleccion set. Anyone know any context on release of these? Cant find any date markings. Also have been hunting these down for a while and finally found some 2020 examples. An interesting QDo festival gift set.
  4. Monte 2 for scale.
  5. Putting away some favorites for future me. Pretty self explanatory besides the 1997 Chateau Souverain Winemaker's Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon. Happy first quarter all.
  6. Very interesting seeing this data, thanks for developing this!
  7. I really appreciate the info, the band looks incredible, ill have to search around for one. Would be incredible to see preserved examples of any yale club cigar.
  8. Hello all, I’m an avid cuban smoker but in my college days I was obsessed with woodworking. Naturally, elaborate wood humidors are exciting to me, I love marquetry and anything made out of a nice walnut or other hardwood. The below is my current smoking humidor. Side note, the monte especial 2’s seem to be great in recent years. Anyways, I hunted down some other humidors and boxes that looked interesting and was wondering if anyone would be able to find a bit more context than I could. The first humidor looked similar to the discontinued “Assorted Humidor”:

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