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  1. Blind 3 Cold nose - sweet spice Cold draw - light leather, fruit 1/3 - under med Cocoa Slight fruit Woody Earthy Damp leather? 2/3 - mild Vegetal, bitter nut Wood- oak Creaminess creeps in Floral Spice - not baking, not pepper, ?? Slight sweetness 3/3 - med Floral Woody Sweet spices Leather Sweet fruit Chocolate 88-89
  2. Blind #2 was a tough one for me. It was very sharp and tannic right off the bat with a very dry, bitter almond note throughout. It only occasional gave me flavors of sweet spice, cream, or chocolate, but they were few and far between. That said, I believe I’ve had this cigar before as I’ve gotten this same profile from several I’ve smoked recently. Others from the same box have been better. My notes: 1/3 med Bitter nuts Tannic Woody Touch of Cream Floral Little spice 2/3 med+ Milk Chocolate Bitter almond 3/3 - med+
  3. It’s the bottom of a Xifei lighter. I’ve found it to be a decent, reliable, good value single torch with built in punch, draw poker, and cigar holder.
  4. First time for me taking notes, definitely a different smoking experience. My notes from cigar #1: Blind cigar 1 Cold nose- faint sweet tobacco Cold draw - faint floral 1/3 med/med+ Coffee dark espresso Earthy Slight floral A Little spice Rich Creamy Nutty - almond Chocolate Dry earth goes to creamy nutty on finish 2/3 - med+ Dry roasted nuts/seeds Chocolate dark Touch of dark spice Earthy Bit of dark sweetness - honey? Roasted nuts 3/3 - med/med+ Floral earth Vegetal afterta
  5. Missed play tonight, but my prize arrived today. Great selections. Thanks again.
  6. Hope this is within the rules: Anyone have thoughts or experience with UGO early ‘19 cabs? Buy blind or pass?
  7. Good game everyone. I thought I was a goner there at the end, but survived.
  8. Eric from Utah, United States. Been lurking and learning here for a month or so, so I figured it was time to say hello. I was really into Cigars in the late 90’s/early aughts, but after starting a family, I slowed way down for awhile. I’ve rediscovered my love of the leaf over the last couple of years and just recently found this forum. I look forward to jumping in.
  9. I’ll plan on 20 min then ? Thanks for the reply. I signed up an will hopefully give it a go.

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