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  1. Although I don't prefer the vitola, still good. Verstuurd vanaf mijn VOG-L29 met Tapatalk
  2. @StogieSteve23 that MF Centurion is a great stick! Petit Edmundo MLU ENE 18, first of this box. Tasted good, but wasn't impressed with the burn, had to overheat it basically to keep it burning which afflicted the taste past the band. Verstuurd vanaf mijn VOG-L29 met Tapatalk
  3. @Bijan yes these are half coronas, didnt know there are more HU in tins. I think they pushed the boxes to other markets, I have been eyeing on them for a long time and never have been in stock, the tins were even hard to get by.
  4. I prefer a box, but settled for the tins as boxes are unavailable for 10 months now... These smoke great, out of the tin with 0 rest on my preferred RH a great draw and construction. Verstuurd vanaf mijn VOG-L29 met Tapatalk
  5. Construction [emoji108] in this blend untill now my favorite. Verstuurd vanaf mijn VOG-L29 met Tapatalk
  6. Oct 19 HUHC, such an excellent stick, this was straight out the tin without rest. Verstuurd vanaf mijn VOG-L29 met Tapatalk
  7. RASCC MSU MAY 19, got a decent amount of snow this weekend and stayed for longer than a few hours, -5 degrees Celsius quicky before worktime. Very nice sour fruity connotation.
  8. I don't have a Kamado, but I do have full cast iron grill on my Weber 57. I personally wouldn't switch back as it is easier to clean when seasoned right (especially reverse searing fatty meat), but to me there are 0 benefits to the meal itself else more ecstatic looking food. It doesn't do anything with cooking time, flavor or anything else.
  9. Watch looks good Nino, I somehow like the Rolex style numbers on the bezel where I would normally be put off like the hands on the steinhart. But that band looks way to tight, hope there are some extra links included. Else slap a rubber or nato strap on it. Verstuurd vanaf mijn VOG-L29 met Tapatalk
  10. I have a box of ABO MAY 18 , call this "aged" is up to you. May have been a monday morning box, but it's not as good as the Partagas counterpart I have which are a year younger. This type of cigar is my regular smoking cigar, so I honestly don't want to wait on it, grab it out of the box and smoke it. From what I experience I would pass, but they are not that expensive (at least for me) so you could throw a few coin at it and give it a try.

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