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  1. PD4 from '20. It was my first but was also love at first sight or smoke. Verstuurd vanaf mijn VOG-L29 met Tapatalk
  2. Ive had my first D4 last week and it was great overall, if the D5 has a bit more spice to it that would be my preference. The D4 was great, was super smooth, but a little bit texture or grit (what I'm getting when smoking a parti MF) would be nice. Are the D's a lot different in blend? I don't see any D6 overhere. I wouldn't buy them that quickly, I think short robustos like PD6 or HdM are a bit overpriced. A D4 is about a quarter of the price more of a D6. Verstuurd vanaf mijn VOG-L29 met Tapatalk
  3. Sorry to hear that, somehow it always held me back from buying a "expensive" lighter when my 20 euro Amazon set with a triple and single flame or even the torches I get when I order cigars work good. They do what they are designed for, lighting a cigar to enjoy. If I would buy a "expensive" lighter it would be a Porsche Design 3632 flat flame. Verstuurd vanaf mijn VOG-L29 met Tapatalk
  4. Is the D for Delicious? GEL FEB 20. Perfect draw, burns spot on, ash holds on in dimes. I'm not that good in pointing towards flavors, it's super smooth and silky. Edit: one downside it burned FAST! Somehow got it down within an hour not puffing like a choo choo train. Wish I could have carried on for another 30 minutes. Verstuurd vanaf mijn VOG-L29 met Tapatalk
  5. For NC's it's surprising how many companies release a Lancero vitola which is a good thing IMHO. Also a Corona (Gorda) sized cigar is easy to find and mostly in stock due to the large rg trend. I don't get the whole large rg thing. I think you get the most taste from a good wrapper to binder to filler ratio. If a brand has lines with the same blend they won't accomplish to get exactly the same taste, they claim they do but I call that BS. In the same blend a 46rg or a lancero like 39rg is waaaaaay more flavorfull than a larger rg to me. Verstuurd vanaf mijn VOG-L29 met Tapatalk
  6. ATP ABR 19 Verstuurd vanaf mijn VOG-L29 met Tapatalk
  7. I would pick a short stubby cigar, a short or petit robusto of good quality. In case of Giannis if he would bought a box for giving when getting drafted he would have a nicely aged cigar! Verstuurd vanaf mijn VOG-L29 met Tapatalk
  8. It will last as long as it lasts. I still can buy, but who knows in 5 years? I buy now more than I can smoke, I would love to have a aged stock sometime supplemented with younger stock. If the ability to buy grinds to a halt eg prohibited or so grossly expensive (which it is allready) I can't afford it to keep my stock larger than I can smoke, I'll just have to live with it and smoke less than I now do and if my stock is out stop smoking cigars. No biggie, it's a hobby, not a addiction, right? [emoji848] Verstuurd vanaf mijn VOG-L29 met Tapatalk
  9. Second NC of the week to thin out the NC tupperdore a tiny bit, Steve Saka Sobremesa robusto. He sure knows how to blend a cigar and pick the tobacco, rolling is done elsewhere. Verstuurd vanaf mijn VOG-L29 met Tapatalk
  10. NC tonight, Fratello corona Gorda. Love the story behind this, not a guy coming from a tobacco or cigar family, but he was a space engineer at nasa. Verstuurd vanaf mijn VOG-L29 met Tapatalk
  11. Although your right about the necro thread, the present day and light on things I think the question can be kinda relevant. A magazine like CA is nice, but it's just not for cigar nerds. You can not make a magazine like that and expect it only to be about cigars, someone who enjoys a magazine like GQ or any other "manly" magazine wouldn't read it. That wouldn't be bad, but a magazine can't survive on only cigar smokers. If I want to read something cigar nerdish I just go to halfwheel or any other cigar focussed website. Further more I think cigars can be enjoyed, with or without the sportsca
  12. HUHC BRE OCT 19 packing a punch. Verstuurd vanaf mijn VOG-L29 met Tapatalk
  13. Store came back to me, according to them their present badge is all ATP ABR 19. Verstuurd vanaf mijn VOG-L29 met Tapatalk
  14. I only now see this is a cuban pipe tobacco not a cigar box, my bad. Verstuurd vanaf mijn VOG-L29 met Tapatalk

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