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  1. I went through the materials decision recently and for my needs I settled on Lauan plywood for wall lining and Spanish Cedar for the shelves. It blended very well in color and texture to SC. Just using SC for the shelves provided me with plenty of the aromatic quality and saved a bunch of money, plus made construction easier since lauan is readily available in larger formats. PM if you want the source I used for the cedar, I scoured for months and he's the best I found by far. Good luck on the rest and congrats! P.S. - Love the EVH Franken-vee on the wall.
  2. While allowing my better CCs time to rest, I've been burning through a diverse NC collection amassed over the last 10-12 years or so. I've only had a couple Diamond Crowns and none really hit home with me in the past but this one did! A 3-4ish year old spiced cream bomb, like a great Epicure 2 on steroids. I was very pleased.
  3. I love this topic. I often describe cigar flavors in ways that make people scratch their heads but I don't care. If I know I taste it, I'll tell people about it. If I'm unsure or can't put my finger on the description, I'll be vague. If I know I'm having an "off" day I'll refrain from saying anything at all. I also find it easier to describe combinations of flavors rather than individual notes. If I'm researching, I'd rather have a half-assed, inexperienced, layman's term description of the flavor than nothing at all.
  4. Busy weekend enjoying climate-controlled smoking here in soggy Florida. Testing ventilation solutions in the new smoking room. The standout of the bunch was the Hemingway BTL, circa 2015. It was magnificent. Everything else was fairly young and great, except the PLPC. Nice flavors but tight draw, all set to be a caramel bomb in 2 to 3 years, not 5. I reckon I got lucky with those based on what I've read around here lately.
  5. Testing & celebrating the acquisition of my own smoking wing of the house. Had this little gem lying around for 8 or 10 years. It was good, very good, but just not my speed anymore. I like a little less tea/wood and more savory spice. Wondering if I wouldn't enjoy it more younger. Edit: I felt compelled to add that the last third really woke up and made it an excellent cigar. Still not my preferred flavor profile but could be added to the "I get it" pile
  6. Party Shorts is at or near the top in a few categories for me... Flavor, consistency, value, availability. I'll caveat that I've only tried about 3/4 of the list and only regularly smoke about 1/3 of them.
  7. So I absolutely crushed it in the parenting department for my daughter's 11th birthday and lucky me, she wanted to hang outside with me for cigar time afterwards. I had an unknown recent vintage CoRo & some decent whiskey. Both were perfect for me tonight. I usually prefer smaller Siglos in my Cohiba lineup but this didn't disappoint. Haven't had one in a while.
  8. It's amazing to me that they can put that much work into faking the hologram but screw up the head location like that.
  9. I'm not big on RyJ but had this laying around. I must say it surprised me. I definitely got the cherry cream in the beginning, progressing to cream, leather, nutmeg into sweet wood bbq & mild spice notes in the end.
  10. Clearance Mag46. Nothing clearance-like about them & smoothest wrappers I've gotten in a while.
  11. BPC MSU JUN 18 Sticks like this make it difficult to justify the pricier options. That's a ton of Bolivar flavor in there and smooth to the last drop!
  12. Thank you! Update: Everything's working perfectly. At 65% RH it looks like the Magna 3.0 will need a refill every 6-8 weeks by my estimate. I like that. Although I plan to go fancier on my own, I wouldn't hesitate to use the same humidifier based on my experience with this one.
  13. Had subjectively better options but Party Shorts won the lottery. Caught dinner and a buzz on a honeymoon do-over.
  14. BRC TUE ENE 21 Fantastic. Wrapper was toothy like shark skin.

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