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  1. Climb the mountain so you can see the world, not so the world can see you. David Mccullough, Jr.
  2. @El Presidente Thanks for putting this together. One of my favorite threads to follow on the forum.
  3. Congratulations, sir! Finding time to puff with a young family can be difficult, but all the more rewarding1
  4. My favorite hike in Griffith park in Los Angeles. Never gets old...
  5. Got some of these on the way as well. Bout on a whim. Glad I did
  6. Epi 2. 1st out of the box that has been resting just over a month. Wish it could've lasted longer.
  7. This would have been us had my wife been no so pregnant. Luckily we got a good amount of traveling in the year prior. Kudos to those that were able to take advantage.
  8. This sounds perfect. Thanks for the recommendation. I really want to combine Madrid with some beach cities, but I know that can be tough logistically speaking. I'm partial to Israel. Been there 3 times for extended periods of time...If it were solely up to me, I'd live there Lisbon/Portugal is on my to-do list, but probably not in the cards this summer.
  9. You just described the exact thought process/conversation we were having this week. Conclusion seems to be: Maui with the kid and maybe go to Cabo later on without the kid.
  10. I'm in Los Angeles. It is warm most of the year, but I still do enjoy beach vacations. We have a few potential ideas that we've been thinking about as a starting point (maybe Cabo, Hawaii, or Florida) to see how we handle it with the little one. If all goes well hopefully we can plan a longer trip with him towards the tail end of summer/shoulder season in September. I love Colorado in the winter (never been in the summer) and I have been wanting to visit Glacier National Park in Montana. Perhaps I can talk the wife into going 😂
  11. I know travel is taboo for some people because of COVID so I hope I am not offending anyone. Most countries around the world are slowly opening up access to vaccinated tourist and my Wife and I are finally starting to think about leaving the US at some point (woohoo!). We have a 9-month-old so our options are limited. We are thinking of planning a trip sometime around September during the shoulder season. Maybe Spain, Italy, or France. Any suggestions on where to go with a 1-year-old? Anyone else have any trips planned or booked?
  12. Wife and I got 2nd Moderna shot a week ago. She had some pretty bad body aches the night of and day after. I felt nothing until the following night - just a bit of chills and sweat, but very mild. Now we are both fully vaxed

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