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  1. I, too, sadly missed the original post of his passing. RIP, Ross. Thoughts and prayers to Christine and her family.
  2. Lol. You’re not wrong. Here I am thinking I was asking an interesting question… 🤷🏽‍♂️
  3. My thoughts exactly. However, I do know with other plants like marijuana it is a big no-no to open jars and exposing the plant to light during the curing process. Apparently keeping the marijuana sealed in a dark rH regulated environment yields many development to the overall taste and development of the plant. I know that tobacco and marijuana are entirely different, but was just wondering if some of the same principles apply. I'm no expert on either of these processes so take this with a grain of salt.
  4. I've recently read somewhere that some people feel like they need to keep boxes closed/undisturbed to get the full benefits of aging. I like to dip into my boxes regularly and will rarely have boxes that I have not tapped into at least once/year. I'm a relatively new collector and am wondering if you guys have noticed a difference from smoking aged cigars from unopened boxes vs. cigars from boxes that have been opened regularly. And yes, I do realize that accurately measuring something like this is highly subjective and sort of impossible because of all the different variables (i.e., who knows how well those aged cigars from that unopened box would have smoked had the box been opened throughout the years), but still....humor me.
  5. Does anyone know why this happened and how to prevent? Is it just bad luck? Or because the winador was overfilled? Or unknown?
  6. Copy/pasting part of an article that prety much sums up my opinion: Many experts do recommend ageing your cigar; they believe that it can help produce more subtle flavours from the tobacco and round off the often ammoniac notes that are found in fresh cigars. This is likely because tobacco is essentially ‘plant matter’, therefore - over time - organic matter will ferment and oxidise, resulting in flavour evolution in many different ways. Firstly, nicotine content is likely to drop and smoothen the overall flavour of the cigar, making it more complex in a way and, secondly, the excess moisture will disappear allowing the smoker a much smoother smoking experience. After ageing Cuban cigars for some time, many aficionados find that while the flavours have developed, the body and strength has significantly mellowed. The most pleasant thing about ‘mellowing’ is that it get rids of ‘ammonia’ and other bitter-tasting chemicals, eliminating the ‘off’ flavours that aficionados may sometimes experience. I like to buy medium-full cigars and age them to get some of the nicotine content down and improve smoothness. I smoke 90% of my cigars past 8pm and a young cuban can sometimes keep me up past 2am (like the HU2 I had last week!) As months/years pass, body becomes more mellow and all is good.
  7. My desert island cigar is a Monte 2, but am I glad I have a dip 2 box on hand? Yes. Variety is the spice of life.
  8. Disclaimer: I am a US citizen and admittedly know very little about Aussie COVID requirements. …but it sounds like Aussie government is being a bit too strict with their regulations. By the feel of this thread it looks like I’m in the minority, but people being locked out of Australia unable to see family seems ridiculous. Is that not insane? Serious question: Generally speaking, are Aussie citizens pretty happy with the way the government is handling the pandemic or do they feel they are overly strict? Pardon my ignorance.

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