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  1. Ramon Allones Hunters & Frankau 225th Anniversario Regional Edition 2015 Quite a pricy cigar, did not match with the price. Do I enjoy it, maybe. I give 85/90? 从我的 iPhone 发送,使用 Tapatalk
  2. First cigar back to Hong Kong. Enjoyable. 从我的 iPhone 发送,使用 Tapatalk
  3. A revisit of Cohiba Robusto Supremos 2014. The first half is perfect, last 1/3 only oak wood flavor. First half is still 95/100. 从我的 iPhone 发送,使用 Tapatalk
  4. Time did not make it a perfect cigar. But it is still ok to spend 1 hour with. 从我的 iPhone 发送,使用 Tapatalk
  5. My friend gave this to me Saturday. I cannot wait to have one. I don’t know if this is still too dry. Base on the one I smoked just now, it’s medium, cedar and cohiba flavor, a little bit sweet, and a tiny little bit spicy from last 1/3. Nothing phenomenal and nothing wrong with it. I got it from my friend last Saturday. It was a bit dry but definitely got better today. 从我的 iPhone 发送,使用 Tapatalk
  6. How was this one? That’s a big mystery to me. I bought a box and then give to my best friend’s father as a gift. Look forward to your review! 从我的 iPhone 发送,使用 Tapatalk
  7. @Habana Mike @Perla Totally agree. I tried Orgulloso and Kon Tiki recently. I prefer Orgulloso. 从我的 iPhone 发送,使用 Tapatalk
  8. Still a bit windy today. Not perfect for cigars. 从我的 iPhone 发送,使用 Tapatalk
  9. Thanks @JohnS I looked back my photos and you are right. The Cohiba were bought in 2015. He brought me to the cigar shop. I took this photo of my friend end of 2014, that was the first time we went there. He was the big fan of cigars that time, I did not smoke at all. I will cherish and enjoy these cigars. 从我的 iPhone 发送,使用 Tapatalk
  10. Thanks very much John. I did pay for the Trinidad, and it cost quite a lot. Thanks again for the answers for part two. You are very pro man. This is quite importantly for a new guy like me to know what I am smoking. I have not had Cohiba Piramides Extra and Bolivar before. I cannot wait to try the Bolivar. Have a good day. 从我的 iPhone 发送,使用 Tapatalk
  11. This is a two part story. Part one: Yo bro, I am running out of cigars, can you contact your local dealer and tell me what he got? Aye aye captain. The local collector has got a box of Trinidad 2007 EL, you want? Yes, for sure. Then we met up. Part two Yo bro, your Christmas is coming today. I quit smoking and I still got some cigars, for free. I send you the photos now! Yeah bro, I love you. Come to Churchill bar now. So my question is, what did my brother from different father and mother give me? I haven’t got a clue. Thanks. 从我的 iPhone 发送,使用 Tapatalk
  12. Big harvest day today. I almost ran out of cigars but suddenly I found my sugar brother! 从我的 iPhone 发送,使用 Tapatalk
  13. Beautiful afternoon. 从我的 iPhone 发送,使用 Tapatalk
  14. Warp up my Chinese Spring festival with HOYO DE MONTERREY MARAVILLAS 2015 Today is the last day of holiday. Whole cigar is very calm, there is no big change. Sweet and chocolate note, beautiful. It took me 2 hours and 25 minutes. 从我的 iPhone 发送,使用 Tapatalk
  15. Yes, you are a warrior! Battle a cigar in the snow. I salute you sir! 从我的 iPhone 发送,使用 Tapatalk

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