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  1. Drawers are in from John’s Woodworks!
  2. Excellent 2008 Monte 3 followed closely by a year old Epi2. The Epi2 ROTT 2 months ago got tossed after 5 minutes so this was good redemption.
  3. ...what do you get? The catch here is, you have to be able to purchase them today (which means sticks that are normally readily available). If you are a 1-3 stick a week person like me, that money would go pretty far. If you are 1-2 sticks a day, well what budget sticks you going for? The 100 day period can begin at sometime after a 30-90 day rest period, but from this $1000 you must only smoke these sticks for 100 calendar days. 50 sticks would be plenty for me, so I would go with: 15 A/T Esplendidos 25 Punch Punch 12 Reyes *This isn’t meant to discuss any source
  4. I fall more on the side of individual rights, even with choices I don't agree with. If you feel like you want to get the vaccine for whatever reason, cool. If you don't for whatever reason, cool. In my state (and probably others), there is enough vaccine supply that they are having walk-in no appointment necessary clinics for ages 16+. Anybody who wants the vaccine can get it now, which means it's time to open things back up 100%.
  5. Not to beat a dead horse but I would of course jump on the Partagas 898 and Sir Winstons. A 25 box of Esplendidos is another I am after and would love to snag soon.
  6. I can't say what I am doing is the best way, but it is what I am doing and I am expecting good results on a budget. I built just a standard base cabinet carcass, all sides out of 3/4 ply. Seal up all the seams, then layer with 1" foam and then 1/2" mahogany ply. A better option is Spanish Cedar, but for me it was cost prohibitive and I believe mahogany will do a fine job. All of my shelves will be out of cedar. Made the face frame out of 1x4 to cover the 2.25" wall depth, and to allow a good seal for the door to faceframe. A barrel lock and a couple of tension catch strike plates to comp
  7. Wish rates going up was an April fools joke. I’m a few months out on refi for my self build home. In regards to the question, business is slammed and I’m building a house, so only taking Sunday off
  8. TLU MAY 20 Reyes I’ve only had in my possession for about a week. Overall impressed and thinking of getting another box to bury deep in the cabinet
  9. Good mail day today! 1998 Punch Monarcas Trinidad Reyes El Pres prize sampler (thank you!!)

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