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  1. Found some additional photos I didn’t post. Insulated the whole inside, and lined with mahogany play. Look at that steady temp over a 24 hour period (the chart doesn’t look like it but staying within .8*). Humidity coming up and leveling out nicely.
  2. Finally got it finished up! Currently has 650 sticks in, could probably fit anywhere between 850 and 1000!
  3. This is my main problem with the mandates. The gov leaning on business to enforce what they can't do. Yesterday Fauci said, "screw you freedom, yes I think businesses should mandate vaccines". He is a gov official, and in the same interview he said "yes, I don't believe we will see a national mandate" (because they can't). To me that is a problem and a terrible precedent having businesses act as agents of the gov to enforce something the gov can't do, but under the cover "it's private business". I wouldn't say my position is anti-vax. Yes, at this time I have chosen that the vax is not f
  4. Very interesting, thank you for posting. Took my whole lunch and read it in it’s entirety. A few things the interviewee said that stuck out to me is that the shot more like a therapeutic instead of a vaccine. The other things that I recall is a few times mentioning that we don’t get the whole truth from .gov. Also, there is no denying the shot saved lives. It’s going to be interesting going forward I guess….the interviewee said herd immunity ain’t happening in the near future, which is what the shot was supposed to lead too. That’s not me crapping on the shot cause I acknowledged it save
  5. I was about to type the same reply, but then I realized I was on FoH at work too😏
  6. The problem is the general messaging from .gov is we can't mandate vaccines, but (wink and a nod) all you business should. When business are doing something at the urging of the .gov, that's one in the same to me. I said earlier probably on page 4, from covid .gov has figured out they can privatize everything they want to do, but can't. That is a terrible precedent, imo.
  7. If my reply/what I implied is not what you meant by saying “unvaccinated are the problem”, I did not mean that but that is how it came across. I would welcome a better explanation. And yes, I agree with you on choice. You can choose to smoke a cigar with me or not, same as I can choose to agree with your terms or decline. My terms are no terms. In the same way as it relates to El Pres’ OP, I think businesses can mandate legally, but I don’t think they should. Mine won’t. Employees and patrons then have their choice. No matter what one chooses, I’ll respect that.
  8. Our US House Representative came by our small business for a “dog and pony PR” tour a few weeks after the first PPP was passed to see how it helped small business stay open. One of the topics that we brought up that he was for was liability protections for business. It was shot down in Congress, and I see why now unfortunately.
  9. So conform, just do it, or you're the problem and shall be cast from society as unclean. Again, the world has lost nuance and there is nothing that is right for everyone. Someone who is 75 years old who is against the vaccine, I'll say "yea, you might want to reconsider" as covid is much bigger risk for them. I'm 33, my wife is 26, and we are getting ready to try and grow our family and are both healthy. For us, the right choice is not to take the vaccine as covid is statistically zero risk for us. Covid is also statistically zero risk for those who took the vaccine. That is all good!! If
  10. I believe businesses can legally, but I don’t believe they should. I don’t like how, at least here in the states, when .gov realizes they can’t do something, they pressure/influence/demand private corporation to do it instead. It is a terrible precedent that the gov has figured out since COVID began (that personally I think is of questionable legality at best). Stats do show the vaccine really protects you from getting seriously sick. I think most people who haven’t taken the vaccine understand that, but for a variety of reasons don’t want to get it. People who are vaccinated shouldn’t r
  11. EPM JUL 19 HUHC First one out of the box. Had trouble picking up any distinct flavors, but was very nice.
  12. I average about one a week, with 650 on hand, so that works out to 12-13 years. Seems like I should light up more!

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