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  1. Punch Punch paired with Weller. Wife sat with me and had some wine
  2. There is one less Monte 4 now! Tried and tried to resist, but new to CC it will be nice to have something with some age I can get right into.
  3. So many screaming deals! Went with the Churchills. Everybody else please buy everything quickly so I'm not tempted to buy more!
  4. Well, my wild guess was with the majority. Since it seems everybody guessed that doesn’t really mean anything 😂
  5. Exactly. I have no knowledgeable input on this subject, but it was nice to read respectable debating, void of personal insults.
  6. Started in the carcass for the humidor base cabinet. The goal is to have it blend in to the rest of the cabinets in the house. It’s 24w 24d 34.5h. I used 1x3 for the face frames, so I have inside a 1.75” “flange” to allow me to use 1” insulation and 1/2” mahogany ply to line the inside. The wide face frames will also allow me to put a good door seal around the opening. I will also be able to put insulation on the underside of the cabinet. I will route a small opening on the bottom of the face frames to allow air to flow from underneath the humidor, perhaps with a fan. The goal is to not trap a
  7. Next time I see a full box available I will be buying. Want to give them a try, have read nothing but good about them for the price point.
  8. I’m new here, but is this a tease for upcoming 24:24 offerings? If so I need to hide my wallet!
  9. Thanks for the feedback! These just came off the truck about 5 days ago, and were shipped with a 69 boveda. When the were delivered, I switched them to a small cooler with a 65 boveda. I couldn’t wait any longer and had to try one! I do have a sensor push on order for setting up a larger coolider for a few months till I get cabinet set up in new home.
  10. My first CC ever. A Monte 4 in a still starlit 13* Ohio night. The first half was wonderful, no bite or pepper at all, but then I was fighting burn issues and the cigar would go out super easy then got bitter after relight and having to smoke it faster. I am assuming this was from the cold. Can’t wait for spring!!

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