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  1. Welcome Mike, new here myself! Save me some of that Kentucky Bourbon.
  2. I'm just down the 80 from ya in Vacaville. The wine and cigar is a match made in heaven. I love having my bourbon with em too. I'm new here as well fyi.
  3. Just signed up myself so at least I'm not the only new guy haha!
  4. Good afternoon from sunny California. I'm thankful to have been approved to join the forum and look forward to where this journey will lead. I have been into cigars for about a dozen years, Cuban cigars a little more recent...maybe three-ish. Really it was shared sticks from a fellow brother that got me into CC's but recently really finding the flavor profiles more to my liking...maybe I'm getting older and refining my pallet, hahaha. Anyways, happily married father of two who enjoys cigars, vino, and laughs; hope to meet as many as possibly through the wonders of the internet and this forum.

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