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  1. Yea I know! It's good to know FOH is strong as ever. My 5 month trip to Asia was GREAT Time to stock up some now
  2. I've missed the action here for TOO long Look at these lovely puppies!
  3. Prez, how are those Inmensas? Dark oily wrappers by any chance?
  4. Excellent post on gratitude oooh, sherried mushrooms
  5. Ray you nailed it in your convoluted way, as usual. What isn't confusing : "You can put a brick in a shoe box and call them Nikes, but you won't be selling that box to me, because I have defined the branding of that product for myself via experience." The comes thru with his daily smoking stock of 10+ year old cigars.
  6. Top shelf support and love! A lovely group of Santas came thru for their friend. Well done!
  7. Love his work! (along with Bill Burr and Ralphie May) Leary's "No Cure for Cancer" show from the early 90's has that EPIC bit about calling cigarettes TOMBERS with a scull and cross bone on the pack and him saying that smokers will be lined up around the block saying "I can't wait to get my hands on that..." lol! Plain packaging or not, a good stogie's allure and benefit will prevail.

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