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  1. Ha! I don't think they are all that bad (obviously). That big glossy sister magazine to Wine Spectator (is it against the rules to mention the cigar magazine here?-I should re-review the forum rules but I myself have almost zero trust in it or the sister mag's wine ratings-they are nice for the pictures and occasional interview) rated them highly a couple years back. So given the price I thought I would give them a try. They are definitely well-constructed. I started out ordering box after box of Monty 2's and Partagas Serie D 4's. I have since branched out to just about every mark sold here.
  2. OK, don't laugh. a) I only got hooked on Cuban cigars when the pandemic began and b) I rode 80 miles on my bike-I am a cyclist-and when I opened my Igloodor to find a quick easy stick as the sun was setting on a cold-ish Central Ohio day this is what I found. I am new here but know that these are not considered fine on this Board. In my State (pun) this hit the spot with some Japanese whisky. So I had a really good ash going and then it started to go out. Rather than pull out my nice, new SD Dupont royal blue fade lighter I made the rookie mistake of blowing on the cigar to get it going and o
  3. Ricardo Montalvan. "Welcome to a world of reeetchhh Columbian leather". This came out circa 1985 after he had just starred in "Star Trek Wrath of Khan" and was a pitch for a deluxe version of a Dodge K-car. My roommate and I used to laugh our arses off. Each time the commercial came on we would override the narration with "welcome to my [email protected]#*pit of reeetchhh Columbian leather...."
  4. Ethernut-I reached out by Whatsapp to Jose yesterday and have not heard back. I am in Columbus OH and have a trip planned for October. Admittedly I have only been on this Board for about a month but if you can help in any way I would be most grateful. In the meantime, I guess I can reach out to some of the other recommended drivers. 

    1. Ethernut


      Just seeing this, man so sorry! Give him 24hrs ish cellular in Cuba has been a night mare. At that time he was also having trouble with his phone. (impossible to get iPhone parts in Cuba right now). If you didn't get him please let me know and I will ensure he gets back to you -


  5. Johnny O, gracias, mucho gracias! As a new member here I was beginning to think I was being shunned. I know from being a long-term participant on other fora-audio and wine related, that new members tend to be looked at with a healthy dose of suspicion.
  6. I should add-we are well aware that all bets are off as to how things will be in October as to Covid and that with the change of our President and administration there is no way to know what the rules and regs will be in seven months. My question can only be presented based on what is known now. And yes, we did purchase travel insurance and our accommodations can be canceled within 72 hours of departure with a refund of all but $100.
  7. We (me, my wife, and son) and my buddy and his wife and two adult children are booked to fly to Havana out of Columbus OH and I booked what appears to be a great place to stay in Havana-a privately owned three bedroom condo. We leave in early October. We did this on our own and not through a travel agent. When I tried to use a local travel agent I was presented with expensive all-inclusive packages and was told that although there are other ways to do the trip, this is the only way they will assist (all-inclusive package involving daily tours) because the Cuban government insists that each vis
  8. Thanks everyone for helping out a newbie here. I feel much better now. I looked here first and did not see that box code. I read the rules when I joined this Board ten days ago and know I can not mention names. Before, I had almost exclusively bought from a well-known vendor-close to twenty boxes-and every single one of them had unbroken seals. This particular vendor (of today's shipment) is new to me. And from now on, I hope to do most if not all of my purchases here. I just wish I could figure out the timing of the special offers. Wednesday offers coming out at around 6:30 EST on Tuesdays? H
  9. I just received a box of Monty 2's, one of about five I have ordered over the last few years. The seller is a known common one. This one arrived with the seals broken, a first. I have never seen this box code either-see subject line. Does anybody know of it?
  10. Ten minutes ago it was Stan Getz and Joao Gilberto. But then I decided to switch gears and as I type this I am listening to The Fleshtones' Roman Gods. 12F85510-6D15-4083-B019-9DD71F1EBC88.heic
  11. Thank you Bijan, eastwood502, and Connoisseur Kim for your kindness. l am not sure I will be posting much, but I know that I can learn a lot from you folks.
  12. I am from C-Bus. That is Ohio. My main hobbies are music, collecting vinyl records, high end audio, exotic hand built bicycles and cycling, wine collecting, cooking, and BBQ. And single malt Scotch. I am 61 and a lawyer. My wife of 33 years understands all of my collecting, or so she claims. When the cigar boom of 1990 or so hit, I got swept up in it. I used to take eight hour trips on the way to go fly-fishing in the Smokeys to that big vendor of cigars including house brands in Burlington NC, following the billboards. I still have 30 year old cigars in one of two huge Igloodors I maint
  13. I will do that right now, thanks. I meant trying to get them back in without the ribbon. Mprach024 was right and that is what I did-alternated the layers since six won't fit in one layer. You have to alternate them such that the second layer overlaps those underneath (the sticks are not vertical). I would not worry but for any damage to the wrappers caused by my stubborn desire to keep them in the original box. I could and would simply put them in a SC tray in my huge Igloodor but again, with Cohibas, I like them to be in the original box just for appearances sake.
  14. First, let me say that this is my very first post here or on any cigar related board. I have been buying and collecting cigars for over 25 years. Mostly non-Cuban until three years ago. In the last three years 95% of my purchases have been Cuban. I started out buying Monte and Partagas, then branching out from there. I was able to resist splurging on Cohibas until recently. Now I have five boxes-Siglio II, iV, and VI, Robustos, and the Piramide Extra AT. So here is my first newb and naive question-yesterday my box of Cohiba Siglio II 25 SLB arrived. I am no stranger to

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