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  1. That's right. It's very difficult to wait for more than 30 days while having a good CC days. Thank you. I'll give it a try. It is true that it costs a lot. So I'm thinking of having a good time regardless of this. Thank you.
  2. Thank you so much for tagging the post related to the experiment. That would be a lot of help!
  3. I'll try to burn a stick every 30/60/90 days! Thank you. I haven't burned a stick every 30/60/90 days yet, and I'm waiting for 90 days. From now on, I'll have to experiment by burning a stick every 30/60/90 days! Thank you. I am using a translator because I am not good at English. As a result, I am still lacking in English search skills, so I am writing a post. Thank you for your reply! Thank you for your answer. Since it's not box of 25, I'm waiting for 90 days. I asked because I was curious about the thoughts of FOH members. Thank you. Ok. Thank you for your reply. Oh! Thank you for your answer. Your reply will help us burn the cigar we received in the future. Thank you. That's right. I think it's very hard to wait for a 90day break. I, too, burned the cigars in the middle of a 90day wait... I very much agree with the term capricious.^^ As you said, I should try ROTT for CC which is kept in small quantities. Your reply will be of great help!
  4. hi Is it okay to burn the cigar ordered by FOH right away? Or do I need to stabilize it further? Then how long would be appropriate? 30 days? 60 days? 90 days?
  5. My South Korean friend Kim. Congratulations on receiving a very good quality product. I'm very curious about the reviews of Punch 8-9-8.^^

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