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  1. For sure that seems to be case . I was happy with xtend working 6 years daily if this works close to it I’m happy vs getting a plastic cheapo few times a year
  2. Ordered a Defi Extreme lighter again this time in copper and from authorized dealer. I get people recommending huge camping site style torches , but 1) you can get something similiar cheaper that is not marketed for tobbaco from home depot 2) life is too damn short as a daily smoker for me to touch and use a finnicky plastic butane lighter which will almost have the same result minus less joy and less precision. 3) I live in NYC and prefer something that doesn't stick out like a dildo in my pocket The xtend flame is something else , total wind proof and pin point precision to the t
  3. yeah the xikar is terrible in wind. Ugh all this is making me wanna use Bic lighters forever. There is a torch lighter by IM Corona , Flambeau. I wonder if anyone here has experience with their torch.
  4. jesus that sucks dude. Looks like I won't be buying it again. I am sorry you guys had to go through such a shitty experience with a brand that shouldn't be that low in quality , especially for price.
  5. my mistake! been sleepless I should have asked for factory code.
  6. I've spent 50k in cigars last 2 years (not saying impressive or anything like that) and 0 cohibas. I just can't justify Cohiba Robustos being 2.5X the price of Royal Coronas when some are not even good and almost all need aging. It's a shame because I really miss some cohiba flavors but I am not gonna get ripped off. If they were priced more like Trinidads (Medio Siglo box 15 going for 180 like Vigia Trinidad) I would be game, but not paying 2 to almost 3 times cigars that are as good or more in flavor from partagas , boli , juan lopez , uppman etc.
  7. Hi Fellas, Basically last week after lusting for a sometime bought the ST Dupont Defi Extreme Lighter (Older singler torch version) Though the vendor said he tested it , every single time I have to press the trigger twice not once to light up, and about 30 percent of the time it misfires. There is obvious poor QC on finishing too as the metal edges are unfinished and the rubber is breaking on it's own due to the area where both meet. Little history , I've used a Dupont Xtend jet lighter for about 5 years until it broke (happy with that life period) and I was wonder
  8. wow this is shocking. Mind sharing the vendor? I always used to assume full boxes were better selections but lately tubos have been killing it on magnum 54s and pyramids that I think differently.
  9. Trinidad Reyes is way above level of many cigars out there , def not a flavor bomb next to how flavorful JL2s and Royal Coronas have been lately (though for me it is ) But I keep getting blown away from 7 plus year aged boxes . They do things cohibas can't with age , and at a price point it's a purists sleeper. I don't expect they will always be extraordinary but for now I will keep stacking a box a year to age. I hope their fuller smoke , the new robusto extra replacement will be offered in more than 12 and more reasonable availibity prices , happy to pay 350 for a ful
  10. thank you everyone just ordered a box of 25! Cohiba Robustos are way too damn expensive and i always preferred the unique taste of D4 over juan lopez when they're good , so , i am excited to finally enjoy D4s again after 2 long years. Will report back with factory code and how it is.
  11. Hi Fellas, I've been reading FOH and on youtube for 11 years and hate for the first post to be something like a homework but I was wondering what the experience of full box buyers were for the years 2019-2020? I loved them around 2015 , clove spice , and after that they went chemical and good kind of bitter which I still kinda liked LOL. But 2018, ugh jeez 3 boxes were very bland , some slight paprika but thats it. This used to be my go to robusto and I am looking to buy them again. Thank you

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