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  1. Juan Lopez seleccion no. 1 - MTS FEB20 (OYMRW2)
  2. So when the wife left around 18:30 I decided I wanted a cigar while I read my book. I've been holding off of enjoying my second JL1 (same box) I bought a while back to let this last one rest a bit longer. I wanted something "big" and unfortunately I am running low on that category so I ended up lighting this as of around 19:00. It's Sunday, my last week at the current job starts tomorrow so all kinds of mumbojumbo with transferring tasks and knowledge is going on. But right now I just want to relax. It does cross my mind that this week is "big" vitola category in the review competi
  3. Agreed, this pretty much sums up what I experienced with this one too. Tasty to start out but eventually knocked my socks off. I also remember putting it down earlier than expected
  4. Happy birthday and congratulations on the "recent" addition
  5. Third try at mag46 (this time a ABR19) to finish off the summer holidays off work. Just preparing myself to get some stuff done at work before the end of the month where I quit and start at a new place. This cigar isn't as sweet as the first one I tried, and did require a deep dive with the perfect draw to get where I wanted it but does surely offer some nice flavour. It will continue as my top scoring Upmann and I'll have to consider having some at hand.
  6. So, out of curiosity.. What was causing your problem and how did you solve it?
  7. Took time for a Hdm epicure especial before the eu championship final. Larger vitola than I usually go for but had this last one from a 3-pack gift. A good smoke, especially after significant drilling with perfect draw, but nothing I would buy myself.

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