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  1. B&M notified shipments coming in so I had to do a quick pit-stop on the way home from work. RAT MAR 21 TLU OCT 20
  2. Most recent I have had was ENE18. Only one of the vendors I use have them available (and I'm quite sure it's that same ENE18 box) though. I regularly check a few vendors stock but these just aren't showing up.
  3. Had a petit corona single around March/April based on my notes which was great! They have been out of my reach since, so I've been stuck with Mille Fleur and/or belvedere for the time being. What I'm trying to say is that I'd prefer paying the extra price for the pc, but if its not available the other two will suffice.
  4. Not much here either.. Second jab planned for tomorrow morning so we'll see how/when/if that hits me throughout the weekend. Still have a few ncs from the "no need to buy again" pile I've been meaning to empty but that will depend on the weather.
  5. Depends on the mood and the cigar. Recently it has been mostly punch unless figurado then vcut. Have no proper straight cutter and don't feel the need to get one either.
  6. Agreed! This is how I am stuck with this 5$ leopard/giraffe/whatever print beauty.. I detest the animal print but it works all the time so how can I justify getting another one with a more discrete look?! [emoji23]
  7. Highclere castle victorian corona.. Part of the "no need to buy again"-pile purge. It ain't bad but.. Nah!
  8. I work as a grower and technician for a research group investigating climate relations/influences on plants. Mostly food crops but due to tradition we do sneak in some ornamental crops once in a while. I specialize in growing plants in controlled environments, meaning fully adjustable greenhouses and/or growth chambers. My main concern with what I've read from this post so far is that you are throwing yourself in the deep end and going for too many species that may (or not, if you've done your research) have too big difference in ideal growth conditions. For example ferns and succulents ca

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