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  1. Recent smokes: MTS FEB20 JL1 - delicious. I did encounter thick fireproof binder (borderline driftwood) towards the band though. PLMC RAT MAR 21 - One of the favourites! MC4 GEL JUN20 - low expectations going in as the wrapper was dull, but it turned out to have its moments of taste too!
  2. A few singles to add diversity in storage. HUHC ERM SEP 21 PLPC RAT AGO 21
  3. Didn't vote as I never had one. One could say "I don't get" bolivar. I've only tried this type of vitola (52 RG piramide) in a couple of NC and it's not for me.
  4. Montecarlo RAT MAR 21. The last one was sweeter, but in general I already like where these are at. Only time will tell how long the stock will last. I'm on a mix of; enjoy it while you can, and trying to save for future years. For now I can buy more than I smoke so there's that.
  5. SOU NOV 19 mag46. 2 hours 20 min of joy, call me a slow puffer.. It sure is a happy easter!
  6. Decided to try a N3 Carlota maduro over a game of backgammon with the Mrs. Found one that was cracked most of the way around the shoulder so did some rolling paper papmaché to fix it. Intended to take a picture of my creation but lost track. At first I did a punch cut, didn't find it tight or lacking flavor but barely got any smoke so around the halfway point I went in to get the good ol' V-cutter, that solved everything and suddenly it blasted me with smoke and taste. First cigar in a long time that kept me going until the nub.
  7. GEL JUN 20 no 4. Mostly dry dark chocolate (without the bitterness that usually brings), and moments of sweet milk chocolate. I'm OK with that!
  8. 2x petit and Dalia. Was considering primavera but I think it would take me too long to smoke
  9. Over here, talking about salary is not considered an offense, however usually not socially acceptable. But like huckleberry said, the companies can pretty easily get rid of employees by pulling the "reorganisation" or "downsizing" card. I've seen colleagues being let go for "lack of work" meaning the company didn't have enough for them to do (which wasn't always the case) and for "lack of commitment" or "poor cooperating skills". The only case it becomes a real issue for the company is if they try to hire someone else for the same position shortly after firing someone. Officially they would be required to rehire the same person, but the solution for the company then is to change the requirements for the position to make it look significantly different. So in short. Officially it's impossible to terminate without good reason, but knowing the rules also means knowing how to stear clear of obstacles.
  10. TUA MAR 21 Mdo4 from week ago & two boxes of RAT NOV 21 PLMC. The PLMC picture is too big to upload though so you'll have to live with these beauties. Love the smaller gauges!
  11. I haven't, but I know bonsai artists shape their concave cutters with round stones so it should be possible to find.
  12. Greetings and welcome to FOH
  13. Yup, since Xmas or so. I was told that using a US-based vpn will work as a short-term workaround. How long this short term will be running I don't know.. So I'm using a browser. The upside is that I can not see and vote on polls 🙃
  14. First few smokes since October.. Punch 48 RAT AGO20, my first punch. Very tasty, but too fat (not fatshaming) so now I'm on the hunt for punch punch and/or triunfos if they ever show up. The rum was also good, maybe a little too much coconut but overall delightful. From two weekends ago. Last weekend; Mdo4 TUA FEB21 and bubbles. I love these, they have something unique going on that I haven't found in other marca. It had a very sweet smell before lighting that I'm still thinking of. This weekend; N3 Rosado. Decided that three weeks of rest was enough. The mixture package had a smell of after-eight (minty dark chocolate) when I opened it. That didn't show up in the cigar though. In a way it reminded me of a Padrón natural. All in all the weather has been outstanding this month so cigar season is back in business!
  15. You're probably right about that. Aren't skinny cigars some of the most difficult to roll? Given the recent issues with finding and holding on to skilled rollers it isn't very likely we'll see new regular production skinnies. Wrapper leaf is also the most difficult to produce, and there's more wrapper:filler in a smaller gauge. And the majority of the market appear to be enjoying larger gauges.
  16. Punch 48 in 45. It is probably too close to punch punch but those are only available in tubos in my region and honestly screw tubos! Also RyJ PC or MF in a 6x39
  17. I think we're (Denmark) getting neutral packaging rolled out from the first of April as well. 🤪 Prohibition never works. They will see, but probably just continue to ignore seeing it.
  18. Ironically I'm the opposite. I like Hoyo, but 50 gauge is already above my limit. Did give EE a shot though.
  19. Great and detailed write up. I had no idea this was a thing Thank you for sharing
  20. The MF no. 4 lancero is quite nice. Have been considering buying a couple of them to have at hand. Haven't tried the others.

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