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  1. Wow… that Fuente looks like it’s 70 years old
  2. Tearing through this ebo dic 20 box of HU magnum 50’s
  3. Kicking off the week with a HU magnum 50. These are really growing on me.
  4. If the OP is used to something like a No. 4, the blend is different enough where I could see it seeming bland. I picked up a box of 5’s without having previously tried one, and I hardley touch them. I wouldn’t say they’re bland but they are missing a lot of what I like in a 4.
  5. You’re lucky! Yeah I think they were probably a little over humidified. I’ve had plenty of PLPC before and am a fan, I’ll just need to wait on these a bit longer. I wish I had your luck ROTT!
  6. These just need more rest. They’re not burning properly yet and the only flavors coming out are acrid and bitter.
  7. Mine would have to be this PLPC that I tried this morning. I’ve had a box resting for 3 months, I dry boxed this stick for 2 days and it’s not even close. I’ll try them again at the very end of the year. Whats the worst performing stick you’ve had over the past few weeks?
  8. I read a tip from someone on here to try root beer, which has been really great every time I’ve paired it. I’ve also had success with ginger beer and cream soda.
  9. Nah you can’t taste it! I’m sure that was just the usual variance.
  10. Same exact situation as you. I think they’re just a fairly inconsistent blend. I definitely prefer the 46, but the one 50 that was on blew my socks off.
  11. HU mag 50. I’ve had a handful of so so sticks in this box. This one blew me away.
  12. I’ve seen them on CC before. I want to say sometimes they don’t become visible until the stick heats up a bit. But yeah I always just assumed it was pectin.

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