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  1. After looking at the alternatives, I went with a chest freezer set up that seems to be working well. I added a small fan to help even out the temperature difference between the lower tupperdor and the upper one. I'm out of town but when I get back I'll post pics of my storage solution. A few tweaks are still needed but thanks to FOH I'm on the right path. Thank you again for all the truly helpful comments!
  2. Fantastic! Thank you for your advice. I may be on the right path. Salud
  3. Ahh yes the rabbit holes, I jumped in to 24:24 and the water seems fine. As such, I feel I need to continue my journey and as you said "find my solution". Salud
  4. This is what I am thinking about, but a regular sized fridge. They seem to cost about the same or less than a wine fridge. Correct me if I'm wrong but regular fridges don't usually go up to the higher temps of wine fridges (55-70F) range. This is the reason for the temp controller for the regular fridge but, then there is the question of condensation. Do you have any condensation problems? Use anything in the fridge itself to add or remove moisture? p.s. Sweet set up!
  5. My main concern is the high temperature of 78F. Although I have read about the possibility of speeding up aging, I would much rather control the temperature and let the cigars rest. My hope was that the bovedas would limit the condensation inside the tupperdors. 😕
  6. I live in Las Vegas and the temperature is already in the 100’s. My home is set at 78F, about as cold as the wife can take. I freeze all my stock so hopefully, that has minimized the possibility of beetles. After reading about all that goes into a wineador modification I am in need of another solution. I suppose Mr. Pig can put me down as faint of heart. Enter, the temperature-controlled fermentation fridge modification. Apparently, this is common among homebrewers. The plan is to purchase a refrigerator, add an inkbird temperature controller (also has a heating element switch, just
  7. Yes!!! I would also LOVE another crack at the Sir Winston's and/or Lusitanias.
  8. I am wondering the same thing. I freeze all my cigars for a week before placing them in my humidor, so I hopefully will not have to worry about beetles.
  9. Casa Fuente, aah YEAH! Now you're talking my language. I have some Casa Fuente lanceros I've been holding onto since '09 but after reading I might just light 'em up and hope for the best. The taste of blood is no joke, good thing I found a community that I can ask for storage advice Mahalo
  10. Phil here, I’m the new guy you all kindly helped with my first 24:24. I believe I finally managed the purchase. So, thank you to the community. My first cigar was a San Marcos? back in ‘93 here in Vegas. I had just turned 21 and finally decided it was time to give cigars a go. Why the tobacconist recommended THAT cigar I will never know but I was undeterred. It was a great time to get in. Cigar lounges seemed to pop up overnight. But just as quickly as they came they were gone. This was back when you needed the password, the handshake, and the finance to get a hold of a CC, all of which

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