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  1. I think the badges would look better round. 🤷‍♂️
  2. Thanks for the video. I managed to wait until the last 3 minutes before I placed my order.
  3. I've often wondered why they aren't better at faking by now. But I guess they're like most criminals - not the brightest crayon in the box.
  4. I use one for our annual January trout fishing trip. They work great, much better than the soft packs. Keep one in a chest pocket, helps to keep the core warm.
  5. I have one of those left, it's one of my all time favorite cigars.
  6. Sorry, but I already replied to Mr. Hagen. You're too late!!
  7. One key factor when using exhaust fans is to make sure the room is sealed enough to allow the fans to create negative air pressure in the room. It's similar to when you are driving, if you only crack one window all of the smoke air will be sucked out that one window.
  8. Finally something to look forward!! yes, life is pretty boring for me right now.

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