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  1. Straight from our host... wish I would’ve doubled or tripled up as this marca is the perfect size for a cigar... at least for me. Putting these on ice for at least 5 years before sampling. SOP ‘20
  2. The draw is tighter than a virgin’s u know what, not a good stick, may end up tossing it.
  3. I bought 5 singles from a vendor from box RUP MAR 20 and the cherry flavor was evident from the first few draws. I didn’t experience any pepper and it was pretty smooth the first 2 thirds. It didn’t start to show any strength until the last third and that was medium-full at best. They should be amazing after some rest.
  4. Maybe it’s just me but Cazadores are not very strong or harsh and the flavors are desert like to my palate.
  5. Just took delivery 30 minutes ago. The aroma from both boxes is heavenly.
  6. I just took all of the dishes of DW and sponges out of my humidor yesterday.. seasoned for 14 days without opening it.. While seasoning the humidor was holding about 92% rh, now it’s holding 88 without the water and sponges. Will the rh decrease or will I have to periodically keep the door open for a few hours? My humidification media (beads) are now neutral after putting them in the oven for a few hours.
  7. Because I ordered a ton of 60rh beads, but after reading some of @PigFish’s posts the actual rh on the package doesn’t mean the rh will be 60. I figured 60/70F would give me drier cigars and since my home is around 68-70F it would be easier to maintain my Audew at 70F but it’s actually cooler than the ambient temperature in my home. I’m not going to use Boveda packs. After reading some I would like to keep my cooler around 65-68F @ 55-58rh. I have watched this video twice. I even have the graph he showed in it. According to his graph if I keep my temperature around 65-68F and
  8. Greetings, I just acquired an Audew 300 count cigar cooler and I desire to keep my sticks at 60rh/70degrees, but the problem Inam facing is keeping the cabinet at 70 degrees. Summer is approaching and I like to keep my home at around 68-70 degrees. Since this unit does not have a heater how could I go about keeping the cabinet at a steady 70? The unit is currently being seasoned with distilled water and soaked sponges with distilled water in plastic containers. I’m approaching the first week of seasoning and plan to season for two weeks total. If I can’t achieve 70 degree i
  9. Hello all, been lurking for months and decided to join the community. I enjoy reading and soaking up all of the knowledge from all of the vets here.

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