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  1. Not an expert, but I'd say keep as much ash as possible to maintain the heat of the ember without having to keep drawing on it. Good luck! A Behike is a pretty effing nice prize...
  2. GLE ABR 20 Trinidad Coloniales This is the memory that keeps coming up for me. I smoked it slowly one evening this summer and it was just perfect. I felt so relaxed. Strong dark chocolate but no bitterness. Smoked for 2 hours. Don't have a picture of the one I smoked but here's the box.
  3. Sounds like Hoyo/Cohiba/Trinidad? For you, which cigars have that flavor profile?
  4. Thanks for this review. I've been really curious to try a JL 1, but haven't yet. I have a box of 2020 JL 2 from which I've been sipping. So far I like the flavor. There are construction issues with about half of the ones I've tested - plugged draws. Any opinion on the 1 vs 2? Do you know if it's the same blend?

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