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  1. *somewhere in the deep south* "Heard there's a feller' in Australia goin' by the name Ken Gargett. I got this little puppy for him."
  2. I don't have all those - was asking for a potential blind buy. I snagged a UPO DIC 19 cab so I'll post here when I sample one. Other than that the only Sig III I've had is from my EOL 21 box. That one was good but young and a tad unbalanced. You try your RAT OCT 20 cab yet @gormag38?
  3. Beautiful knives. Was admiring the handles.
  4. I've had this knife for 3-4 years and I absolutely love it. Great steel, very comfortable to hold. Ran a commercial kitchen in Colorado for a year and this was my go-to knife. Have chopped with it many hours on many days. I prefer Japanese knives as the blades are generally thinner, which allows for more precision and agility as opposed to a german style. It's strong and sharp enough to handle big jobs too, like prepping a thick-skinned butternut squash or something. Having said that, knives are personal. If you're willing to forego the element of surprise, go with him to a shop and let him try out knives. They'll likely have a sack of potatoes or something that he can slice and dice in order to find what he likes.
  5. Got a bit of the ol' Rona over here, but still have my taste buds. 2013 Siglo VI and 2020 Monte Especial.... and some budget Champagne...
  6. I've got the same code as you @Kaptain Karl. First I had out of the cab was excellent - marshmallowy and sweet. Second was pretty pencily. Definitely stoked to see how they age.
  7. First Esplendido on a stroll around the neighborhood. Flawless smoke and beautiful lights. Merry Christmas FoH.
  8. I love this forum. Thanks FoH! I've learned so much here in the last year and sharing this hobby with you all has brought me a ton of joy. Cheers!

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