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  1. Anybody have thoughts on whether these new sizes suggest a discontinuation of existing sizes in the respective brand?
  2. Thanks, @CaptainQuintero. This is great for beginners like me. Must take years and years to develop and be able to articulate aging preferences such as these...
  3. Smoking one of these and I love the flavor, strength, and spice. Pretty new to cc smoking but I can't wait to see how they age. Only problem is the draw has been so firm on all four I've smoked - even with dry boxing. Young still. In your experience, does the draw loosen as the cigar ages? Have they been on 24:24 recently? Would love to snag a psp box of these...
  4. Thanks for the review! Stoked it was good - got a box of these on the way.
  5. I’m charmed by the tissue paper and the initial aroma is similar to some nicer Cuban robustos I’ve had, yet there’s less intensity in terms of rich cherries and chocolate. A drier, hay smell. First puffs taste like a funky, bitter red wine. Perfect draw - open with just a little tug. Burn and combustion solid. A centimeter in I’m tasting pleasant bitterness - like I’m chewing the roots of freshly-pulled grass. It’s overcast right now. I want a hot day with sun for this cigar. That type of day mixed with this taste would bring me right back to playful, easy summer days when I was a k

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