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  1. Could someone explain the weight thing in more detail please? Don't quite understand. Thanks. Wouldn't smaller packaging actually lead to a higher ratio of box weight per cigar?
  2. Recent hauls from the last couple months. I was in Chile with some friends for a surfing trip a few weeks ago. Stopped into the LCDH in Santiago and found the Trinidads there. Managed to snag everything but the Esplendidos before the price hike. The JL2 - sourced from our gracious host - are PSP and they smell incredible! CORO - MAR MAR 21 and EBO JUL 21 Galanes - SOU OCT 21 Vigia - SOU NOV 21 Fundadores - GLE AGO 20 Esplendidos - MAR FEB 21 Juan Lopez #2 - TLE OCT 21
  3. Update: First of all thank you to everyone here with your support and suggestions. Feels really good to have connected with you all on this forum over the last year. I'm grateful both for our shared interest in Cuban Cigars and the feeling of kinship I have here. It's new to me to acknowledge an addiction. I'm filled with hope, gratitude, humility, and faith when I see the way many of you have responded. I'm probably one of the younger ones on this forum (27). I've witnessed many of you demonstrating wisdom, kindness, humor, and selflessness. It's a great resource for me - and probably many others - in terms of what it means to grow as a man. Secondly, a massive, massive thank you to @GoodStix for sending me an Esplendido to kick off my journey. I'll smoke it soon and think of our FOH community 🙏 Lastly - thanks to another brother of the leaf I met here - I was able to find a box of El Laguito Esplendidos. Over the moon. Cheers all!
  4. Why has Habanos discontinued so many 50 cabs? It seems like they are/were universally popular from what I've read. They could probably charge more for that packaging style, too. Since I'm new to the game, I don't know the history. Maybe at some point consumers started wanting fewer cigars per box. But now, with the price increases, the Cuban cigar market seems to be heading more toward true luxury status. A 50 cab seems like it would support that image for collectors at least. Do you anticipate Cuba rolling out more 50 cabs? Fewer? Has any Cohiba, as the 'crown' of the Habanos profile, been offered in 50 cab packaging? Some other good threads about 50 cabs here:
  5. First round of the year with a UPO DIC 19 Siglo III
  6. Yep, I've got a box of GOB NOV 20 Regios and a box of GOB JUN 20 Cohiba Robustos. To those with a 2021 box of Winstons, which factory code do you have? Curious how many factories roll SW. I read somewhere that Habanos only rolls one batch of Sir Winstons per year. Is that true? I have an AMP FEB 21 code.
  7. Happy Easter! I'm not Greek but my best friend growing up was Greek and I remember the Greek Easters we used to spend at his house. His family would buy and roast a whole goat on a spit and we'd have a big party with homemade raki and dancing, etc... As kids we'd always end up stealing wine from the grown ups' cups, wrestling, running around, and having so much fun late into the night. His dad would make pasta boiled with the goat's head/brain and a ton of fresh parmesan. So good!
  8. Thanks everyone. Your support means a lot to me! Great suggestions. I'm leaning toward the Esplendidos...
  9. Dear FOH, I am giving up an addiction and I'd like to buy a special box of cigars that, going forward, I could smoke on this anniversary. I'm wondering if you all have any suggestions. I've been saving up for a box, and I enjoy the search, so include your big hitters. I joined this forum and started smoking Cuban cigars a year ago. So far, my favorite brands are Cohiba and Trinidad. I like Montecristo and Partagas too. I tend to enjoy lighter cigars with sweetness. I wouldn't call my knowledge of brand flavor profiles very comprehensive. C+ level... Haven't tried ERDM or LGC yet, but curious as those have a reputation as mild strength. Not a cedar fan. I tend to enjoy subtle flavors more than strong ones and I smoke slowly. I haven't tried the Behike, nor any regional or limited editions. The cigars I really look forward to smoking are: Siglo VI, Monte 1, Quai CC, Coloniales, Siglo III, La Trova. Some of my favorite flavors, in no particular order: Juan Lopez 2 sweet, rummy berry VR Famoso cocoa - milky, malty chocolate Cohiba flowers/milk Trinidad nuts/tea Quai d'Orsay perfume/yeasty sweet bread Montecristo sour chocolate Partagas red wine/butter Thank you!
  10. Montecristo No. 1 Cohiba Siglo III Trinidad Coloniales BBF Partagas Serie D No. 4 Trinidad Reyes
  11. Never tried a Quai d'Orsay Coronas Claro before; excited to have found a box! @JohnS, the Siglo III is becoming one of my favorite cigars. In your 2021 reviews, you wrote about a few excellent Siglo IIIs you had from the TUE factory code. Since reading those, I've fantasized about a box with that code. Can't wait to try one! If they're good, all credit goes to you! Been absent from FOH for a while. Good to be back. Sorry to hear about the loss of Habana Mike. I never met him as I'm just getting into the game, but I so appreciate the wealth of knowledge, experience, community, and friendship on this forum and it seems he represented that.
  12. *somewhere in the deep south* "Heard there's a feller' in Australia goin' by the name Ken Gargett. I got this little puppy for him."
  13. I don't have all those - was asking for a potential blind buy. I snagged a UPO DIC 19 cab so I'll post here when I sample one. Other than that the only Sig III I've had is from my EOL 21 box. That one was good but young and a tad unbalanced. You try your RAT OCT 20 cab yet @gormag38?
  14. Beautiful knives. Was admiring the handles.
  15. I've had this knife for 3-4 years and I absolutely love it. Great steel, very comfortable to hold. Ran a commercial kitchen in Colorado for a year and this was my go-to knife. Have chopped with it many hours on many days. I prefer Japanese knives as the blades are generally thinner, which allows for more precision and agility as opposed to a german style. It's strong and sharp enough to handle big jobs too, like prepping a thick-skinned butternut squash or something. Having said that, knives are personal. If you're willing to forego the element of surprise, go with him to a shop and let him try out knives. They'll likely have a sack of potatoes or something that he can slice and dice in order to find what he likes.
  16. Got a bit of the ol' Rona over here, but still have my taste buds. 2013 Siglo VI and 2020 Monte Especial.... and some budget Champagne...
  17. I've got the same code as you @Kaptain Karl. First I had out of the cab was excellent - marshmallowy and sweet. Second was pretty pencily. Definitely stoked to see how they age.

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