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  1. Like wine, always start with the lighter taste and work towards the bold. 👍🤓😜
  2. A lot of excellent information here. Check out website.
  3. I never considered enjoying cigars as a life style. ‘For me, it’s about relaxation, peace, thoughts, enjoying life and being thankful for what I have earned. 99% of the time I enjoy alone. (Notice, I never claim to smoke cigars, I enjoy them).
  4. Something seems fishy. Are all the date and factory codes the same? 2011 was the transitional year for the new security stickers that had the micro printing of the barcode numbers. Can you make out where these are? ( lower right, upper right, center top)
  5. This ^^^ For 6-8 months out of the year, I enjoy on average 5 cigars a week. During the cold winter months I tend to lay off. Good time to let the cigars age a bit.
  6. Wow, I just checked that out. That’s scary.
  7. Wise to pass on that shop. Too many red flags. Along with what other’s shared regarding discrepancies, the color of the security sticker is too light of green. The bands on the Montecristo look suspect as well. The Flor de Lis doesn’t look correct.
  8. As mentioned, counterfeit. The three white squares under the chin/throat should not touch the white surround of the Taíno head. The hair knot for the pony tail is too wide. The security seal usually covers the transit stamp. The factory code is 4 characters, should be three. The magnified serial number on the security seal appears like a photo copy. if you have a 10x power of better magnifying glass or loupe, you should see micro printing in the Taíno heads in the gold bands if authentic. The UV light should show a number on the back of the band. See picture. i’ve seen this box on
  9. The best man is either a best friend or Some close family member. If a best friend, I’d question his friendship going forward since if seems he is familiar with Cuban cigars. Let it go, as telling him you know won’t change my mind about his loyalty.
  10. Short story. In 1983 I was about 25 years old, a guy I worked with smoked cheap cigars during work. I enjoyed the smell and decided to give it a try. Been enjoying cigars since.
  11. Welcome to FOH. Stick around, read past posts and observe. Many of your questions will be answered. enjoy.
  12. Showing your age there, pal. 😜👍
  13. Enjoyed a Juan Lopez S2 yesterday afternoon and a HDM Epi2 in the evening while watching lightning and listening to the thunder.

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