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  1. Anyone care to comment on this sampler. 🙄🤓 Posted on a BOTL page on FB by a gentleman that was gifted this box. ‘Monte, Cohiba and RyJ appear very suspect just by the bands.
  2. HDM Epi2 PSE2 Trinidad Coloniales JL S2 Monte No.2 BBF
  3. Never considered or dreamed about wearing a kilt. My boots and cowboy hat wouldn’t quite match.
  4. As stated, not uncommon for reasons stated. Enjoy
  5. Here is another that someone claims it legit because he purchased in Havana. Worst I have ever seen. His box label comes back as RyJ. He is in denial.
  6. No crescent cut out on cedar sheet.
  7. Here’s a good one, someone inquired on FB if these are real. Fat chance. The poster says he was offered two boxes of these in DR for $400. Bands, authenticity seal that does not have a legitimate number, missing D.O.P. on Habanos Sticker, date stamp. Any others ?
  8. I enjoyed the same this morning. MTS Feb 20 Most of the profile I experienced was through retrohale. Mine started with a little black pepper and hints of batter. Much of the notes throughout the cigar were spiced gumdrops with an occasional bit of cinnamon, citrus and fruit. very good burn, with a couple touch ups to even it up. Reminded me of a HDM Epi2, very enjoyable.
  9. Please tell us more on these vintage cigars. 👍👍
  10. Welcome from a former East Bay area resident. Raised in Martinez and lived in Benicia for over 30 years before leaving that forsaken state. Enjoy the forum. Many great and informative folks here.

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