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  1. One that is definitely worth trying is the Henry Clay Warhawk. Don’t let the price fool you, they are outstanding. They have a nutty, citrusy complexity that I haven’t found in any other NC I’ve smoked. They smoke stronger than the wrapper suggests, but I don’t find them to be overly peppery (I don’t like peppery sticks). They have become my go to stick to stretch out my CC inventory.
  2. I got a bundle each of all four, and as of tonight I’ve now had one of each. To my taste, the rosado in both formats was richer and more complex than the maduro. I smoke probably about 80/20 CC to NC. I suspect if I was smoking them blind, I would put the maduro as a good, but not outstanding NC. The rosado I think could easily be tricked into thinking was a good CC, with hints of greatness coming through that will hopefully be more prominent with time. I didn’t smoke one ROTT, so I can’t compare that, and this is with 5-6 weeks of time in my humidor.
  3. Just ran across this one. The year listed was 1914.
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  5. I have a rabbit air purifier in my 22x24 foot garage. It’s positioned behind and right above my chairs. With just myself smoking, I still need to open the garage door for a few minutes to clear it out when I’m done, but’s it’s not too bad. It does very little for the lingering smell though (I have the carbon filter one, but the carbon filter is not thick enough to really be effective). Before I got it I would have to open the door multiple times during a smoke to air it out, so it’s definitely helping, but it’s no miracle cure. I also have a 400 cfm exhaust fan, and it honestly doesn’t make a big difference with that much space. The rabbit air made a much bigger difference.
  6. Westg, if you liked the Doorly’s XO, try the Real McCoy 12 as well. Both come from foursquare so they are similar, but to my taste the RM12 is a good step up. (The Doorly’s XO is quite good though). My goto pairing is rum. Regardless of if it’s a sweeter rum like Diplomatico or Zacapa 23, or a dryer rum like a foursquare offering or Flor de Cana, they all pair well. Whiskey, and bourbon in particular pairs well to me as long as you don’t over power the cigar. Your not going to get much out of a mild cigar if you pair it with a cask strength bourbon. My favorite beers are porters and stouts, but for me they don’t pair well at all. Tends to bring out the bitterness in the cigar.
  7. I finished a cabinet humidor build about a year ago, and lined the entire cabinet with 3/8” thick Spanish cedar. Honestly when I first finished it I thought I may have made a mistake by using so much. Freshly milled and sanded, the aroma was intense. Before I started seasoning it I left the doors open with a fan pointed in for a full week. That helped tame it quite a bit. Now after about a year, it’s tamed down even more. After I seasoned it and got it filled up (nearly all boxes, most singles I have are NC in cellophane), the naked singles I had took on a lot of the cedar in a short period of time. Although I enjoy a light cedar note, too much wood I’m not a fan of. Some of them were so woody I started putting all my non wrapped singles in old boxes to shield them a bit. I’ve been a bit hesitant to try leaving some unwrapped sticks in trays since. I probably should though. After a year it is much more mellow now.
  8. I’ve had good luck with the Govee as well. I have the version that connects to my router, not just Bluetooth. With their app I can monitor my temp and RH from my phone from anywhere. I’m very happy with it. (I have 4 of them)
  9. Ok, good to know. Being new to CC, I’m still trying to figure out which ones you can trust. I’ve seen the vendor mentioned in the forums, even by our host as trustworthy, so that made me comfortable with trying them out.
  10. I tried a small order with a supplier other that our host recently, and got a box with the serial number scratched off. As far as I can tell they look good other that that. Is this common? (Still a newbie with lots to learn)
  11. Hi everyone! Long time lurker here and finally joined the forum. I’ve only been smoking cigars for about a year (NC’s), and started dipping a toe into the CC world about 5 months ago. So much great information here! Thanks for letting me be a part of it!

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