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    Cuban twang, Weller, Stagg Jr, Colonel EH Taylor, Rock Hill Farm, Blanton’s, and anything Buffalo Trace Single Barrel Store Pick.

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  1. Did they spray cherry flavor on the tobacco? Or is it naturally grown tasting like that? Thanks
  2. I was going to give them away, but now I bagged them up, and put them away next to my premiums, they came out so awesome I might do it again. I was smoking one last night that I had dipped in Weller Bourbon, and then dry boxed for a few days. I was loving it!
  3. They came out awesome by the way, I might do it again, it toned down the sharp edges by a lot, and brought out deep buried notes in the cigar
  4. It has the same taste, and kind of tingly feeling . It has some zip, and some twang, but I don’t taste any charcoal, or cigarette tobacco
  5. It tastes like a sweet Cherry cough drop. It reminds me of the first time I had a Jewels sweet cigarillo in the 90s
  6. Can someone please tell me why Romeo Y Julieta taste so strongly of cherry? It reminds me of the first time I’ve ever had a cherry flavor cigarillo. Thanks!
  7. Hi, I was curious, do you guys have a day time go to, and and evening cigars go to? I’ve noticed I don’t like certain cigars with coffee because it leaves it heavy taste on my palate, and it blocks some of the cigars taste for example I didn’t like a Romeo Y Julieta with espresso, A buffalo trace bourbon with an IBC cream soda is much better. It tastes like butter, scotch and salted caramel. I’ve got to tell you guys my experiment with infusing Weller bourbon, and Vegueros cigars was a hit! They came out super mellow, deep notes were revealed of cedar and clove , sweetness, no sharp notes at a
  8. 7 out of 10 first day is not bad, I’m not ever doing that again. Everything I have is getting acclimated now for at least a month, and a half before I try it again. Thanks!
  9. I worked at a nightclub during the 90s, and they inhaled a lot of cigars there! I learned how to split them open, and re-roll them at that place
  10. Those look really nice, better than where I live, and better than what I was expecting. I thought they’d be fermented in kind of a thicker 1800s ship barrel. Thanks!
  11. It depends on where that shelf is from, and exactly how fresh that shelf is in all reality
  12. You can for sure get a humidor on eBay I see all kinds of awesome humidors on eBay sometimes I see huge store displays to

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