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    Cuban twang, Weller, Stagg Jr, Colonel EH Taylor, Rock Hill Farm, Blanton’s, and anything Buffalo Trace Single Barrel Store Pick.

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  1. The band looks real to me but the cigar does not and that is a sloppy double cab not a triple cap it looks like a Dukie I wouldn’t touch that thing
  2. I wish the people of Cuba well, I would share my food with them if I could.
  3. Speaking of mushrooms last night I tried to smoke a Jose Piedro, it didn’t work out. It was like a paper bag full of trash. They should just give that stuff to the cigarette makers and forget about it
  4. I should’ve been saving that mold instead of wiping it off. I threw away the best part
  5. They need to sleep, they’re tired, and besides I have cigars that are awake right now! They taste like smoking cherry cola. Thanks!
  6. Dude I’m an American, I learned to smoke cigars on stale Nicaraguan liquor store cigars. Mongrel doesn’t scare me .. just kidding, other than Swisher sweets my first real cigar was a Macanudo Hampton Court at age 16, and I love those! Real creamy, sweet, cedary, and smooth. Not for the really experienced cigar smoker. Thanks!
  7. Dude, last night I had a CC so good that when I was done smoking it my mouth tasted great for the entire evening afterwards, I woke up the next morning, and it still was tasting good! I’m down with the Taino Indians! Drink that smoke!
  8. There’s a lot of stuff people breathe in the air that’s really bad, just saying
  9. Ok, thanks! I very gently wiped them off, there was nothing inside of the foot, and I put them down for a long nap! Thank you for the advice.
  10. When I was opening the boxes there was a lot more! It was literally blowing off in the wind while I was grabbing my camera. Thanks!
  11. Am I allowed to show a photo of plume on a box of cigars I just opened? Thanks!

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