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  1. SEP 20 Mag 46. Love the Upmann biscuit, bread and dough flavor notes.
  2. I've heard Karl Malone Barrel aged cigar (made at the La Aurora Factory) was good. I believe Karl is the brand owner and pays the Leon Family to blend and produce the cigar.
  3. Now that’s a special box. What a great vitola and beautiful packaging. You don’t see these everyday.
  4. That sucks. As long as they keep the cigars coming!
  5. PSD4 RASS tie between JL2 and Mag46 Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
  6. Reading through the Havana Cigar, the book mentions Villar y Villar was as one of the more prestigious brands before the revolution.
  7. You can punch both sides of the head of the cigar, and create a figure 8 cut. Much more open draw then a single, down the center punch cut. Works great for me. But 95% of the time I use a guillotine cut with a basic lounge cutter.
  8. Nice update! Glad to hear optimism from the vagueros regardless of weather conditions.
  9. As a history buff, I am fascinated about cigar history as far as brands, industry and just learning about the whole cigar making process. So I always felt I had all of this useless information in my head since none of my buddies share the same passion for cigars. And then I found FOH, and now I can have these discussions with people who won't think I'm crazy talking about box codes and crop years 🙂
  10. I’m an Arizona boy.. not built for Midwest weather lol, I’m spoiled.
  11. Flying to Chicago for a wedding. Too bad it’s freezing so no cigar for me 😕
  12. Much better value out there I believe with other regular production blends. I feel like 20/21 production is rivaling pre boom vintages.
  13. I agree. I started smoking NC's years back, as my palate has developed, I found that Maduro's and a lot of these full bodied NC's don't do it for me anymore. Bitter and harsh in the final third and a very chalky/muddy finish on the palate. I always say...what I don't like about CC's (bad draw) I can fix with a perfect draw or dry boxing. What I don't like about NC's (bad aftertaste) I can't fix.

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