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  1. Since they don't care about improving quality in terms of the draw and consistency of their cigars, I am done. If I pay luxury prices I expect a luxury product that works consistently. There are way too many good NC's out there that are dependable, affordable and consistent with great flavors. Love Cuban tobacco but the "Cuban twang" doesn't justify those outrageous prices.
  2. At a certain point, price exceeds value. And that is what I am seeing here. I love cuban cigars, but to demand those prices I would expect a much better product in terms of construction and consistency. Too many of my boxes have a few if not more cigars that are plugged. There are way too many great cigars being made in Nica, DR and Honduras that are going through the proper quality control process for a less aggressive price. I love my CC's and they will always have room in my collection/rotation, but at this point I will be seeking value elsewhere for the time being.
  3. Epernay Le Grande. Perfect construction, perfect flavors, and I don’t have to sell my kidney for them.
  4. Probably a dud. I have had many Illusione's as well as other NC's with more age that were fantastic.
  5. Illusione - the whole catalog Tatuaje - black label, brown label, most le’s Aganorsa leaf - supreme leaf and rare leaf reserve Arturo fuente - anejo, don Carlos, casa Cuba double Quattro E.P Carrillo - pledge prequel, la historia, TAA 2021 My Father - le bijou 1922, original blue, la promesa Lancero, the judge Dunbarton tobacco- mi querida tt and sobramesa maduro
  6. Luckily I have years of inventory of my cc’s and enjoy nc’s very much. I love supporting FOH and the Cuban economy, but getting tired of supporting Habanos.
  7. I pass out a few cigars and I become the "Cigar Guy"
  8. I inspect boxes in my 3 wine fridges (42 boxes of CC's) once every two weeks. I will glance at hygro's every few days to make sure everything is good. I inspect my Coleman cooler (25 boxes of NC's and a few CC's as well) every few days. In the summer time here the cooler gets up to 74-75 but have not had any issues. I have a good idea of my inventory and box dates, and I don't really document my smokes. I just enjoy the cigars. This is probably the only forum that I'm real active in but I spectate on a few others.
  9. My Tatuaje La Verite's from 2015 have all been 95's throughout the box. My box of 6 year old Tatuaje Black Label Petit Lancero's have been sublime.
  10. Same. I can only imagine how good these are aging in 50 cabs.
  11. Partagas is my favorite brand and the Short is my favorite minuto (BCJ close second) I smoke slow so a short takes me about 45 minutes. I've noticed a stone fruit flavor started to develop from my DIC 19 box.
  12. Tobacco is Tobacco. It will continue to micro ferment and sweat out the ammonia and break down the impurities. Some of the best NC's i've smoked had 5+ years on them. I think it comes down to the quality of the tobacco used, how it was fermented, quality of the crop that grew that tobacco. I feel CC's tend to age deeper into the Second maturation period but a cigar is a cigar. However, I believe most NC's have a shelf life for peak maturity. From my experiences: -Almost all Fuentes continue to retain their character with 5-8 years on them. -Anejo's and Opus are great with 10 years on them. -Most full bodied Tatuaje's i've enjoyed with 5-7 years on them. -Most pepin cigars mellow out and are fantastic with about 5 years on them. -Illusione's smoke great off the rolling table and continue to smoke great with 3-5 years on them.
  13. Darker. The wrappers are darker due to longer fermentation, which means more oils and sugars in the leaf. Overtime those properties will marry. But these are smoking the house down so it’s hard to age any of them lol.
  14. Arguably my favorite cigar. The complexity, the multi dimensional flavor profile. Especially when they have that oily dark wrapper leaf. Takes me about an hour an half to smoke as I smoke slow, especially the D4 since I savor the flavors. My 2019 and 2021 boxes have been stellar.
  15. LFD's with age are fantastic. I just don't smoke many of them. To be honest I'd say 75% of the cigars I buy and smoke are Cuban or Nicaraguan. When I do smoke a Dominican it's either Fuente or E.P Carillo. But I had a Double Ligero with about 5 years on it and it was sublime.
  16. Corojo 99 tobacco from Jalapa (primarily from Aganorsa farms) Corojo tobacco from the Eiroa family farms in Honduras Weirdest tobacco would have to be Costa Rican tobacco.
  17. They're fantastic. Definitely a celebratory cigar. They smoke well young and they age well. They have that core Partagas profile but with a nice molasses sweetness. I have two 10 count dress boxes with a NOV 20 and DEC 20 and they are developing a nice fruit note and candy flavor in the final third. I smoke pretty slow to make sure I don't overheat the tobacco so a Lusi will take me about 2 1/2 hours to smoke. But I love them. Always have a box on deck.
  18. I was wondering what I was going to smoke tonight...I think this helped narrow it down.

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