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  1. There’s been some repeats in the above comments, guys please read what’s already been posted to try help contribute a more diverse amount of information. https://sustainableseedco.com/pages/how-to-start-tobacco-seeds http://www.uky.edu/Ag/TobaccoProd/pubs/completevarlistRVSD07.pdf http://www.uky.edu/Ag/Tobacco/agr_notes/agvl30_8.pdf http://www.uky.edu/Ag/TobaccoProd/id160 burley varieties 2015-16.pdf http://howtogrow-tobacco.blogspot.com/2017/08/is-it-illegal-to-grow-tobacco-in.html
  2. With the prices of CC I believe the % of fakes in the market must be quite high, a lot of people think small vitloas are not faked since its not as profitable but surely that is just wishful thinking. I encountered plenty of doubtful small smokes that other botl deny are fakes.
  3. Happy birthday 🥳 can’t believe you started your birthday working through the 24:24 mails
  4. What I said before about all boxes that have UK health warnings would have EMS stuff
  5. Not really, since the cardboard box is obviously not the outer box of those cigars.
  6. From what I know Gibraltar stuff does have the H&F sticker. But they don’t have the NHS! Here I emphasis on the NHS warning and EMS discrepancies. 😆 Scotland is part of UK and part of Britain, Northern Ireland isn’t part of Britain but doesn’t have NHS either. (Though I think they are still supplied by H&F)
  7. Personally opinion: it is FAKE!! Why? Because it have a British smoking warning (NHS) but is obviously not sourced from H&F who is the sole Cuban cigars supplier for Britain. If sourced from H&F there would be an EMS sticker and an EMS certificate along with the Habanos certificate. Edit: I am appalled but how so many FOH members who commented above can be tricked so easily, time to start double checking my incoming stocks.
  8. So I have successfully ordered some 24:24 via email, is there a place for me to view or request for an invoice?
  9. Vintage antique? Not for smoking, belongs in a museum
  10. How about a worst of the warehouse thread?
  11. I been buying some flavoured cigars to try. I have never smelled anything as awfully penetrating as Toscano Toscanello Blu (Anice). It was a unrefined in your face stale smoke with a hint of hay and coffee kind of a smell. Double packaging it in a zippo lock didn’t stop the smell from invading my nice Cubans. Now it has its own tupperdor.😅
  12. Unfortunately not as good looking nor as smokeable as the behike next to it. I will take the behike over it any day.
  13. Wolvan


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