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  1. Verily. I'm in no rush. Too many things to try to worry about just one:)
  2. I love upmann since I've discovered them in the past several months. I now have several boxes of mag 50 and 46s, and an aged box of Connie A and a recent box of the same. I know I should explore more, but I'm just hooked. They're easy, pleasing smokes. Almost like a quintessential cigar to me. As such I've been recommending them to folks new to cigars, and recently gifted several to friends back in Houston. I'd love to try a SW, but I'm slow at getting around to websites, and bad at hunting them. Maybe one day.
  3. I felt so alone with this sentiment. I just can't get around the robusto format. I love sub-50rg long smokes.
  4. Tacky, and vw owns rr still, right? Pass
  5. I have a peter james I bought in March, buy I'm not sure it's the Gen 4 you mention. No button strap. Hand strap. Had to go look at the website. I got mine from davidoff. Why not check out their website and see what they may have? oh, be sure to get something to take care of the leather as it's very sensitive.
  6. Hah said to a group of people that spend hours a day doting on cigars!
  7. I've got the quasar punch previously mentioned. The only issue I have with it is with the smallest punch on it. When you use it the mechanism. That's supposed to pull the punch back and empty the cigar bit doesn't function right. Like there's too much tension and it holds the punch in place instead of retracting. So, I end up digging out the cigar bit and unclog it. Other two punches work no problem.
  8. I'm using a window fan and weekly ozone generator. Works well. Seal off the room and start the ozone. Night and day. Over the past year I've also cleaned my smoke room with vinegar. Well, my better half has.
  9. Davidoff yamasa. Tasted like gum glue. For CCs it was a D4. Just bland and sad. To be fair, I think I over did it when I discovered them. Too many boxes for a one trick pony perhaps. My hope is after some time they'll be lovely again.
  10. Lately this box of 2019 Montecarlos are really doing great. I can finally taste and smell them properly. I suspect due to half a year in a better humidor. I'm very impressed.
  11. My weekend spent between teledocs and pharmacists getting scripts right and trying to stabilize a guy with a PE because we can't transfer as all hospitals in 5 hours are full of covid.
  12. I never dreamed of such a nice cave. That's like a garage apartment converted. I love it.
  13. It's decent. My only issue with it, other than being 4 minutes most won't ever see, if that I doubt they really believe in their message. They're signaling.
  14. When I was in Houston a few weeks ago I checked out an elie bleu 3 stick case in a color they call Havana. I very much liked it though it seemed big to me. It's been on my mind since, though.

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