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  1. To me having a band that loose is a good sign that my cigar is ready to smoke. It's balanced and good to go.
  2. All yall are making me rich again with overtime. We've got several covid patients now which we haven't had even 1 since March. Reduced staff. It's a bad combo. Barely August. By December if it keeps pace with last year, I'll be neck deep in it. At least I'll be able to afford the increased price for Cubans. Dang. Just need time to smoke em.
  3. Jokes on him. Rugged western types are into house slippers, and cheap dickies. That's when I go into town for the true value. When I go into town and someplace fancy, like a bar or breakfast hole, it's black jeans, wore ass boots, and hats this guy would never buy. That guy is a target. A mark. We see them around here especially lately for big bend week, which ends tonight. And the endless stream of faux bikers. The real high fashion out here is coveralls with boots. That's some real deal, super west texas, big bend stuff there. I have several pairs. No watches. Never understo
  4. I can't specifically tell in all honesty. I can tell a significant difference between this big humidor and my smaller one and my tupperdores. I think I'd enjoy this humidor without it. It has a lot of nice features.
  5. I'd buy a vape if it had cuban cigar flavors. And I've zero doubt someone could make this. Ain't nothing but an ester, man. Because it beats the winter set up I'm preparing- fishing tent, heater, fan, cords every where. Mind you, I can smoke inside, but I pay a price for it...
  6. Sounds like how NCs smell. All farm smells.
  7. I've dropped my humidity to 62%. Works great for the most part, but I notice some cigars don't enjoy lower humidity as much, like my D4s (though I'm convinced they were badly shipped or fake at this point).
  8. Damn that was one of my most watched movies as a kid. That and time bandits. Memories...
  9. It's a big silver oval shaped box. Mine and my friends are in the same spot on the back wall between the third abd fourth shelf.
  10. Given the bands they sell on alibaba, I'd say everything is faked. I wouldn't trust a box of quinteros from a grey market vendor.
  11. Now if only I could find them for the price in the article instead of te $600-$900 everyone will ask.
  12. The wicked batch of wood mite things I got from some hdm epi 2s from Spain. I froze the crap out of them, and thus was only back in February. While they don't ruin cigars they'd have had a feast in my humidor I reckon.
  13. I've always had a thing for the Heavy Metal movie soundtrack. Probably one if the most complete hard rock soundtracks ever, definitely for that era it was unique.
  14. Ha ha, Optimus prime dies! Yes, I was stuck with gobots while my pals had transformers.
  15. There was a complete remake of this album back in the late 90s. Various artists. Really good stuff as I recall fir the time. I have it around somewhere.

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