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  1. Where I'm from the young folks consider it a point of pride to inhale. Of course they also chaw, and love American snuff which is like snorting samdpaper.
  2. Half the price of a raching m3800 with shipping, not as many features. Newair has a tendency to discontinue their products fast. But I've considered one in a pinch. Shipping from China is like two months here. And my need is currently great.
  3. Verily, every time I'm about ready to clear space and see my Cohiba shorts I remember how many pals I've wasted good smokes on and end up saving them.
  4. It's funnier if the doctors actually gave the shots. Like in Grey's anatomy, or in unicorn land.
  5. I have yet to see any discussion of the elie bleu j14 lighter. Do they stink? Too pricey to be practical?
  6. Wish I were up there. About to pull the trigger on this myself once they give me straight/itemized pricing. $2495 for the mon3800a $1000 for the shipping to Texas $300 for the Ammonia deal But when I email I'm always told the $2400 is total. And so we've spent a week going around until I finally asked for it itemized. As am aside their alibaba store is listing it for $1950. And I've also gotten a quote for $800 shipping and $200 Ammonia. I'm so confused. Let us know how it goes. I will say, too, for the price of newairs latest I'd rather roll the di
  7. I've got a le petit and I really dig it. Especially since I've learned to use it with one hand. I wonder how long the blade will last, and how I can sharpen it in the future. What I really want now is a deep v-cut. But I'm also looking at scissors. Each of these seems difficult to use one handed, though.
  8. I'd rather not publicly but can we private message here? I think the other interesting thing about my double d4 order is that I requested the box to be inspected on top of the vendor claiming they inspect every box. Boxes were sealed and the habanos sticker on one was lifted up completely. Still, the bar codes checked out on the website. So, I'm going with it's cuba being cuba and I have some of the only Claro d4s.
  9. Here to flog this topic a bit, Forgive me. Have we considered that the tobacco of folks insisting plume is real may be different than tobacco now? Wasn't there a major change in cuban crops around the year 2000? Also, plume sounds exactly like tricome expression. Obviously tobacco doesn't have that structure, but the way plume has been described from the past reminds me exactly of reading old issues of high times from back when describing the growing techniques requires to garner vibrant, healthy, tricomes on Marijuana. Another thing which I haven't seen mentioned in this discu
  10. I've gotten 2 10s, 2 25s, and an order of 15 tubos. The 10s and tubos are 2019 and fantastic. Very perfumed from the 10s yet very savory from the tubos. Cannot recall codes as I'm at work currently. The 25s, however, both from the same vendor, are extremely light wrappers, and the four samples I've taken have all been a hot mess. Both boxes from Nov 2020. Flavorless. Plugged such that a perfect draw couldn't help. The very light wrappers are really odd to me to the point I suspected fakes, but having done enough research, and trusting the vendor, I'm guessing they're just a rare s
  11. Howdy! I reckon I've been creepin around here for sometime and finally decided to join in the chatter. And decided to place my first order here as well. I started smoking cigars back in 1991 with a local shops homerolls then went through everything they had at the local Dunhill store in Houston. Found Paul Garmirian cigars and fell in love. Later I moved to NYC and remember visiting the Nat Sherman store a lot. Briefly into cigarettes as they had these boutique pop-up cigarette lounges that would hand roll custom blends. Then into pipes and cigars. Became a registered nur

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