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  1. I've been smoking the heck out of my Trinidad Coloniales lately. Very comforting smoke. I never have to wonder or worry about them. Conversely, I've been avoiding all Fuente cigars. They've been tasting like card board lately.
  2. Really not as dramatic as the title suggests. I just purchased an original line nespresso citiZ and a slew of pods to try, and I'm curious if anyone has direct experience with this machine (there is a wild number of machines), or any other original line nespresso. My reasoning is that I already own a technovorm, which is a hand built moka drip brewer. I also own the rare (for the US) krups moka drip brewer. I want something faster, something where I don't waste as much coffee. Something with a more intense flavor. I also recall being served a nespresso coffee at a restaurant back in Houston some years ago and thought it quite good. I'm no aficionado. Can anyone recommend any non nespresso brand pods? Tips or tricks? I figured some folks around here would be of a similarly mindset. Wanting something small but intense to have with their smokes.
  3. I'm all about vaccinations, but this third dose seems like a money grab by Pfizer. I might mix it up and get the J&J this time.
  4. Partagas D4 from 2019. Forget the code. I'm smoking it now and it's one of the last 3 of the best box ever. Ever. God damn this is fantastic. This box of 10 gave me pause and I ordered everything I could get my hands on this time last year. The newer boxes have not come close to this experience. So oily, so dark. Mmmm smells like a perfect blend of leather and cedar. Like when I was a kid walking into my first humidor.
  5. Verily. Look for one with extra ozone plates or whatever they're called, or ones that can be replaced easily. That one in the link looks just like mine. If it has a delay it's even better because you can get out of space before it starts. Just try not to be in the room while it's running. Be sure to seal up the room while it's running. I set mine for 90 minutes and run out. It kills the odors, even in an ashtray full of old cigar ends. There's really nothing better. It's what hotels use when smoking guests leave. Ozone machine, then scent to your liking. I ozone my smoking room regularly then a few times a year I'll wipe down the walls just to be extra. I recently threw it in my little spider and it did great even with the leather seats.
  6. This is the quality material I keep coming back for. Thank you very much!
  7. Anything fca or stellantis now, is total garbage. Zero customer support. Really piss poor design and features. American vehicles made in Italy, but Italian cars made in Japan. It's a shit show.
  8. Jaysus. That's too big. Who wants something that big in their mouth? How is that enjoyable? I bet it's not nice tobacco. Like flavored coffee- it's garbage with a pretty wrapper. I'm deeply offended looking at it.
  9. Can someone explain what cognac tastes like without resorting to telling me to try some. I have in the past. As a kid in my 20s. Cheap bottle of Hennessy. Did not enjoy that at all. Very not good. Is it sweet or bitter? Is it smokey?
  10. Well, then definitely worth it. I'm going to grab a 25 and hope for the best!
  11. I don't think the bundles seem too expensive for 25 when compared to say most ciban vendors. But these aren't Cubans. Still, now you have me interested in trying those lanceros...
  12. I avoid multivitamins due to the iron jn them. My body doesn't remove iron. Genetic. I also don't like the snake oil aspect of something with unknown upper limits. Unless folks are getting tested regularly and know how much of a given vitamin their body has stored up they could be poisoning themselves, I reckon. That said, I do protein and B complex and creatine on occasion and with caution. I'd avoid whey like the plague though when I began at the gym decades ago it was all the rage for folks. As with creatine, I don't want to blast my kidneys out. But I'm getting weekly or bi-weekly blood work anyway, for my hemochromatosis, so I'm aware of what's going on. Edit: yes I know smoking adds a significant amount of iron to my body, but I'm not inhaling, and every man needs a vice. Or three.
  13. Hah, that's the norm where I am. Big Bend Texas. Pistol on bedside table, rifles by doorways, pistol in humidor stand. To be fair though I see more guns at work in the hospital than being carried here. Border patrol and all.
  14. I But if you wear big foam sports team hats while watching thr game at home, yes.

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