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  1. Well, busy travel nursing for months. Been making purchases all the while. Get home recently and realize that I have my last 2 boxes of Coloniales. Sadness. On the flip side, I'm still able to find BBF, Dip 2 (singles though, buy as many as can find), Connie A, and others on occasion. I should have kept up in the forums rather than wondering why every site has removed Trinidad.
  2. I like eggs, too. But the limited surface area sorta turns me off. They make me think of sou vide for grilling. Anyway, I'm currently using makeshift 50 gallon drum with smoker side box thing. I do some unorthodox things with it. I've been enjoying a friend's gas grill late last year. Makes me think I ought to get one. They're just so quick and clean a bit easier. But imparting flavor and that smokiness is just more difficult. But for a quick grill it seems great. I'd probably use it daily. When I was a teen my 5th step father had a cookout team that would serve at various bass master tourneys and always did a yearly thing at the livestock show and rodeo in Houston. I learned some great tricks while helping the fellows with the igloo full of bloody Mary's. Hmmmm, yeah, better get you a drum grill with a smoker. It's for the best.
  3. He probably shouldn't have roasted the dude's wife. Especially about something so sensitive for a woman as hair loss.
  4. I'm glad that meal bloody Mary fad is over. It was amusing for a few months, and I love a bloody Mary something fierce, but there's just overkill.
  5. I love that movie. Saw it when I was a kid. I second this.
  6. Starts off ok, but then delves into whataboutism with non Italians, then doubles down and includes these same groups as folks that have been cast in the same light. Wtf I get it, but cmon
  7. Raching mon3800a I still have some active audew 300s. Storage for the stupid amount of D4s.
  8. I noticed a massive change in character and quality when I emptied my tupperdores and small audew humidors for huge double compressor humidor. To be fair, I stay with Coloniales and Reyes. My absolute favorite smokes. And I suspect I'd love the fundies if I could snag a box. Anyway, after a couple of months rest in the big humidor everything changed. Smells got better, taste exploded, cigars no longer seemed hard on the outside. I'll grant it could be pure coincidence, except this happened to everything I had moved in there at roughly the same time.
  9. It's a way to garner tighter control over cigars. The FSB, or whatever that flameproof additive is, is what got me to finally give up rolling my own cigarettes years ago. I was never a good smoker anyway, bad inhaler, always hotboxing.
  10. That's just it: pay these imported rollers non cuban wages. They'd work for whatever non cuban entity hires them, and be provided as a business partnership. Oh well. Hopefully this gets somewhat worked out this year.
  11. Wait. Doesn't cigarette tobacco in the US have crazy additives like that flame proof stuff, and for the past 9 years or so?
  12. My partner has been using them for crafty stuff around the house. And it's about time. I've got my smoking room half filled with them. What I ought to do is break the wooden ones down and use as partitions in my humidors. And I like to give gifts of Cubans to my partners coworkers, so I reuse the boxes. They love it. Real Cubans (and lately a great way to dump a lot of my D4s).
  13. Crazy thought, what if some non cuban business type hired non cuban rollers to travel to Cuba and roll for the factories? Perhaps in exchange for some exclusivity? I'm fairly ignorant of the complete situation there, so be gentle.
  14. It was a side at the gage hotel restaurant out in marathon texas. Squash and chorizo combo thing. Just sort of mixed together, cut up squash and ground choruzo. So darn good. The steak became the new side. If any of yall are familiar with the steak situation at the gage lately, I have it on good authority they're changing suppliers soon, no worries.
  15. 2019 BBF First time smoking one. Loved it until I felt my gut drop and I thought I was hypoglycemic at the same time. A lot of non Cubans seem strong to me nowadays. La mission l'atelier 1955 and 1959, notably.
  16. Isn't the anniversario supposed to be one of those highly sought after ones? I never cared for davidoff back when, but I've recently taken to their Nicaraguan box pressed. I've tried the yamasa series. They taste like the gum on thr back of a stamp to me. And last years special Winston Churchill was boring. Interesting. Thanks for taking one for the team. Sorry it turned out bad.
  17. Apparently the D4 is the cigar aficionado #4 cigar of last year. Unfortunately for me I still have too many, but at least they keep me in cuban smokes for a long while longer. Thanks for the update. Time to tighten my belt I reckon.
  18. Whew! My Maduro lanceros came in over the weekend. Drove 10 hrs round trip to grab em! Smoking one now. I'm really surprised how good it is rott! And that's with my stunted taste buds. The smell is real nice, too. Sorry I don't have the words here to describe it like many of yall. But it has, to me, a very classic scent and flavor. It very strongly reminds me of going to the Dunhill store back 30 years ago. Absolutely love the nostalgia trip! Can't wait to see how these get after rest. Wish I had more. Many more. Need more.
  19. I've got a few boxes of Montecarlo from 2019. I threw them into my big humidor back in March of last year and they've turned out fantastic. What I can not discern is if the change is due to change in humidor or aging. A little of both? But I'm very pleased with them. Not much help, sorry. I do wish I could find more but everywhere is out.
  20. You just gave me an idea for my 5 months off later this year.
  21. Oh no wow. That's huge. I'm a huge fan of his books and nat lamp. The only thing i ever collected.

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