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  1. Yeah, agreed! I got a small sponge and filled it with distilled water, leaved it there for only 1 day, and humidity already is very close to Boveda's RH without it. Boxes are all dated from late 2020, very new, I believe that maybe there are coming already drier from factory (or maybe from retailer too, bad storage). edit: leaved a small piece of sponge in which bag for only 1 day, with Boveda together. Just to "kick the start" of the box humidification. For now, I believe it worked.
  2. It's already calibrated. I have only one, but when I put it on a bag with a thin cigar box (or no box at all, only loose cigars), the RH reading is in line with Boveda, leading me to believe that the other bags are really with a low RH. I believe so. Maybe its just a question of patience. Then I have one doubt: to season a desktop humidor, usually is used a 81% Boveda for a few days until the wood will be humidified to finally put the desired Boveda from your RH preference. The 81% Boveda I understand that is to accelerate the process, but how long it would take if I would try
  3. Hello, I keep my cigars inside a compressor wineador using Ziplock bags with Bovedas to maintain humidity at 65% RH. Until some time ago, I only had cigars box that had thin wood, like entry level Partagas, H. Upmann, etc. Keeping 1 box per Ziplock w/ 65% Boveda was just perfect, with a precise humidity and temperature level (measured using Xikar hygrometer). Now I am starting to store some "better cigars" (full boxes) as Partidas D4, HdM Epicure 2 (25 cabinet), etc, that has bigger and thicker cedar box, and then I started to have humidification issues. With this

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