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  1. Hi everybody! What is in your opinion the best Habanos at the moment that are fresh off-the-shelf, meaning not aged or vintage Habanos. Cigars that are sensible purchases from your local Habanos dealer to smoke upon purchase? Take care! /Jonas
  2. Hi FoH! My name is Jonas and I am from Sweden - but living in Copenhagen, Denmark. I have been smoking cigars for the past couple of years. Adore the Habanos cigars. I prefer the smaller vitolas primarily because I am an outdoor smoker and weather rarely permit for the 2-hour smokes around these parts. I am an avid fan of vintage and aged Habanos and try to get my hands on those every chance I get. My preferred marcas and smokes right now are: RdM Petit Coronas, Cohiba Siglo I and Cuaba Generosos. Happy to join the community! Ciao Jonas

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