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  1. Bought an aged (2-3years) box of Illusione cg:4 because of this thread. Looking forward to trying what these sticks are about!
  2. My two cents: all Joya de Nicaragua Obras Maestros lines are very good. Complex, full flavoured, low to medium strength.
  3. Hi everyone, Have been a loooong time lurker and thought it was about time for a formal introduction. I have been smoking cigars for about 3 years now after a buddy infected me with this hobby. I smoke mostly in the weekends, don't want to upset my wife and kids too much 😀 I lean heavily towards Cubans, but do sprinkle in some occasional NC's which I like both for the variety and budget. Favorite brands are Upmann and Partagas but trying to smoke my way through the whole Habanos catalog. This forum is by far the greatest collection of knowledge on cigars I know on the Internet plus it seems a great community. Much respect for Rob and the mods for building it. Happy smoking!
  4. The cigar is not 2 to 3 times more expensive than a RAG. It's around 30% more expensive than a Gigantes. Size is 50rg x 184mm.

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