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  1. Got gifted this Partagas Anejado from @mt1 last night at our weekly game. Wow what a spectacular smoke..Lots of floralness with cedar and pepper , quite creamy, no hard edges. So pleasant. Thanks again and looking forward to our next game! Whether I am winning or losing, it's always a pleasure to spend Friday evenings with other cigar guys!
  2. the look on BUDDY's face when the shop owner showed us the bands...priceless!
  3. Great write up! The ultimate plot twist..Would be funny if actually got them all wrong!
  4. I remember when you can still smoke indoor in Shanghai, this was probably 2016/2017. My favorite place was the Long Bar in Waldorf Astoria Hotel on the Bund. What a classy place, live jazz band. Cant believe that was the location of the first KFC in China! What a shame they dont allow smoking there anymore.
  5. Just updating this thread. I go to Beijing twice a year for work and Beijing is one of the most cigar unfriendly places i have been to. Particularly in the winter when i usually go. Cigar shops dont allow smoking inside, which i think is a ridiculous rule. But they are totally overpriced anyways and not worth checking out. The only place where i find refuge are these bars in san li tun.. right on the main strip. There is one with very friendly staff, but i am afraid i forgot the name of the place. Last time i smoked there was Dec 2019, before Covid, so things might have changed
  6. Yes and worst of all, I was told off my cigarette smokers
  7. A 2015 RASS, definitely one of the better smokes I have had this year. Rich, leathery, peppery, everything you want after a big meal and smoking outdoors
  8. i also like smoking infront of the bars (tables outside) in Happy Valley, infront of the little park next to the tram tracks. the waitress told me I am free to smoke my cigar, but last time i got told off by some customers near my table..
  9. Not impressed with the Ashton, though I understand it s a highly rated cigar. Lots of earth, pepperbut one dimensional and lacks the floralness I found to enjoy in CC's. Although I have to say construction was a 10 out of 10.
  10. The Pawn is one of my favorite places to smoke, just watching the trams go by reminiscing the good ol days of Hong Kong. Another good place i recommend is RUAM thai resturant in Wanchai, very cigar friendly and nice terrace with a lot of greens. As a fellow cigar aficionado in Hong Kong, i will continue to add to this list as they come to my mind. thanks for making this list!
  11. 2015 plpc, delicious little smokes. Perfect size for a midday smoke as I have been wfh lately.
  12. On my 2018 trip, I went to pick out like $800 worth of cigars from LCDH (forgot which one), Cuba being Cuba, the card machine couldnt read my card..And staff weren't very eager to help (again Cuba bring Cuba). Needing to conserve cash , I ended up buying way less then I anticipated in that trip. I didmake an interesting purchase of these selectos from an old man selling bundles of these in paper wrapping on the street. Abundle of 25 for like usd5. Was great souvenir to bring back to to Hong Kong for my cigar smoking friends. Rough but weren't that bad. Lesson learnt always bring cash to cuba,
  13. Recently found one in my box which had been sitting around for 5 years plus, smoked it during a poker game - surprisingly good and very mellow. Wish I had more but that was my last one
  14. Love it. Not great at describing flavors either but definitely was smooth and creamy. A plpc but more complex and better. Would smoke more of these

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