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  1. GEL April 21 HDM Epi 2 from our host. Tastes like impending summer.
  2. MUP December 18 HDMPR creme brûlée and cashews? Good stuff no matter how you peg it.
  3. My first JL1, MTS June 21 from our host Just sublime
  4. March 21 Depute from our host, for a rare quiet morning alone. A true secret weapon of the humi. Plus, they’ve smoked great from the jump.
  5. TUA July 21 Boli PC from our host. Passing the 90 day in hand check in beautifully.
  6. Awful picture, great cigar. TUA Apr 21 BBF from our host. 6 months in hand, first check on their well being. Now I want them all, right now.
  7. Time to check in on the first of the GEM Jin 21 Connie A from our host, now that it’s over 90 days in hand. Sublime, and can taste the room for aging.
  8. Fireside RAT 20 Diplo 2 from our hosts. My first Diplo 2, and it blew me away. Can taste that they will only get better with age.
  9. Warm night means I’ll take 2! RAT Mar ‘21 PLPC, and my new favorite go to, OMU May ‘21 HDM du Depute. Both from our hosts. Both caramel, toast, syrup, and twang-tastic.
  10. Been meaning to post this run of camping daily smokes from a couple weeks ago, all provided by our gracious host. ‘18 HDM PR, ‘19 RG Perla, ‘20 SLR Regio….all superb. Got a backlog of daily pics meant to share, just finding them now that a fall down the stairs has me out of commission for a little.
  11. “Blunt instrument” is a great descriptor for most of the times crossing back over to NC land! Well put. Doing most of my enjoying later at night after bedtime for the kid, and getting stuff ready for next day/ shutting down the house, so I have some catch up to do. Perla, JL2 both in point, and I can’t get enough Boli CJ right now. All from our hosts.
  12. SOU Feb ‘21 R&J Short Churchill from our hosts. Smoking great young!

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