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  1. Prior to finding this forum, I bought a box of RASS. They arrived and looked awfully dry. I waited a month and smoked one - retched bitter flavor. I waited another 3 months and tried again, same result and on it went for 6 months. I decided to send them a note stating my experience and that perhaps they check their storage conditions but asked for nothing in recompense, simply feedback. To my chagrin, they instituted a substantial credit on my account towards another purchase. With that, I subsequently bought a handful of Cohiba Esplendidos, far outreaching the paltry credit, in comparison, and thereby spending as much again as I had on the box. Good way to handle things I thought LOL
  2. I was counting on there being more inside smokers when I posed the original question the HUHC is one I’ve been thinking of grabbing a box of…
  3. I went for my last of 5 yr aged Edmundos I received from our gracious hosts during the summers aged stock sale. It’s been raining something else here in the Bay Area and today it really poured so there was I stood under my eave on the back deck puffing away, slowly, on what was a marvelous milk chocolate and cedar flavor bomb. Christmas perfection. I also love the party short. Have a box of medio siglo en route… will be hard pressed to lay them down until next year
  4. Anyone lining up that special occasion smoke for the weekend? What is it, how long have you been marinading and why?
  5. I forgot the Bolivar Royal Coronas, great meaty umami profile. Which profiles have the essential "xmas flavors" ringing through? I've noticed The Pres in his descriptions on 24:24 reference this but can't recall which nail Christmas cake/pudding....
  6. What do you prefer (those in the northern hemi) for the winter (xmas season) and what about the profile gives you that toasty seasonal delight that matches the cooler weather and seasonal cuisine? I'm smoking more RASS, Partagas D4, Punch Punch but for Xmas I'm thinking a Cohiba Robusto or Esplendido.. Drink pairings? I'm currently sitting outside in the East Bay, CA enjoying a spiced apple cider with rye whiskey and nutmeg smoking a My Father le bijou 1922 box pressed torpedo... will migrate to Habanos this evening and tomorrow all day...
  7. Several 24:24 scores arrived just before Thanksgiving. Have smoked an Epi 2, Monte PE and RASCC all have been superb straight away showings no rough edges w their youth. Outstanding.
  8. Well, the unit is designed to store singles at the top at the higher humidity zone and the principle of humidity rising is an established fact so you can take in to account there are fans circulating air but they are fixed in their velocity and therefore the micro climate created will still adhere to the principles noted because water vapor displaces air and so it is mostly the air alone that is being moved and not the water vapor… i understand that it seems intuitive that humid air would sink, that is the assumption of most prior to seeking the science behind the reality.
  9. Humid air is less dense than dry air and thus it always rises given same temps. So you’re likely inferring the sensor locations upside down.
  10. Highly unlikely. They have higher scrutiny n releasing any app on iOS this higher costs associated
  11. Thanks for the info about the “HS1,2,3,on,of” I asked Sukie but never got an answer on that. I had guessed it was a variable setting for the “habano-somelier” but this makes sense. in my cabinet and all those I’ve looked at it’s the top of the cabinet that gets the highest rH not the bottom as humidity is pushed up from the bottom. For example I set mine at 65% - it’s 64 on my lowest shelf and 67 on the highest where I keep my NC singles.
  12. Raching is a legit company, if you order through Alibaba, no sweat you will be taken care of - my experience. The MON series has more features but the big difference is there is no membrane which you would need to replace every 6 months with the C series. Just received my MON1800 yesterday and so far it is performing well... can't stop staring at it, such a cool piece of kit if you can swing it, go for it.
  13. Just got my MON1800A yesterday, took forever and there are a lot of wrinkles to iron out in the fulfillment side. That said, Sukie is on point and managed the entire process and stayed with me to assure I got it. Estes was the delivery company that took it from their new warehouse in SoCal... they put it on the wrong truck and it went to Chicago and back to the East Bay. You might check with Sukie now about shipping costs - I paid 400$ for the MON1800A given that they have built up a supply stateside and can ship a bit lower cost but not too much. The unit is great, fired it up and it's holding humidity at the correct levels I set (although the display is showing a different number, my hygrometers I placed inside all read the correct level that I set). Perhaps the on-board display will adjust and level out to match the actual levels inside. Great piece of kit so far considering you could spend 1500$ for a wooden box and not have the heating/cooling, ammonia dissipation and warming tray... Will update as more develops and it gets fully up to speed and running for a while.
  14. I'm going full send on any CC not called JP Caz (those I've pitched several times)...

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