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  1. Definitely a time machine these signs, and geeze 5cents...sign me up.
  2. Wow, would have never guessed and went ahead with a little OJ with my last stick...game changer. Thank you gents.
  3. Wyoming, hopefully one day I'll be able to move out that way or Montana, I know you're thinking oh great another Californian but I promise I'm not like the rest of these crazy people haha.
  4. Hello, so a little about me. I've smoked cigars occasionally over the past 5 years, mostly for special occasions, never . However it was just recently over the past year that I've gotten the bug and have started exploring every rabbit hole I could find. Definitely want to say a big thank you for the members that have provided so much insight and knowledge I've been able to utilize in my own journey. Looking forward to sharing and to continue my growth in the community. Thanks!

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