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  1. Haha! A tiny bit of smoked paper yes... the band came off right after. It may indeed be being smoked backwards I can never figure that out with this vitola 😆
  2. QdO 50 not pictured, ROTT, was lovely. Followed it up with another short fat cigar, the Tabernacle David. The only NC I still seem to enjoy. Connecticut wrapper, smoked meats, hickory briquets, some black pepper (not too much), nice oily rich smoke.
  3. Lots of TUA these days (and in my collection). Does anyone know what this box code is?
  4. I get that... but the first two were excellent. It was the next two that were the dogs!
  5. Thanks all, and of course I take the point. Inconsistency is the rule...
  6. This is a thread about variation in-box. 2016 cab of Juan Lopez Seleccion No. 2. Purchased (aged) in June, first two tasted after 30 days' rest, next two were in late September, and then the fifth today, on October 21. My notes only say that the first two were "wonderful." The next pair were with a friend, and went out a couple times during the first third. Smoked better after that, but nothing special. My friend is new to Cubans, and when I said, "maybe we should try something else," and pulled out some Siglo I's, she said, "I was thinking the same thing but didn't want to say anyth
  7. Actually not a bad price for Pol Roger of that vintage. Is that mushroom psychedelic? I had my first CoRo tonight.
  8. Certainly beginner's luck! I just twisted around till I found the obstruction... then straight out. Oddly the exterior construction was strong. It was just that one darn chunk inside.
  9. Picture 1: Yet another caramel-y, elegant Exquisito FEB 19 from this box... lovely smoke... lovely, that is, after Picture 2: What my perfecdraw pulled out from nearly the foot of the cigar when I started having draw issues : )
  10. Amazing! But shouldn't be "the king IN the north"

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