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  1. re: AA flight attendants disappearing after meal service. They are notorious for this these days, even in first. re: The Stafford. Awesome place! I love the American Bar.
  2. Thanks @Juliano88 and @Guybrush - I will look for all of these! I did try an Illusione Epernay La Vie. It was nice but much too huge for my taste... two hours of smoking and it was still going. I need smaller vitolas! Thanks again.
  3. For me the winners are: - Fuente Hemingway - Tabernacle David - Davidoff Grand Cru (esp the nicely sized No. 3) I had an Ashton I liked at a B&M upstate, but can't remember what it was called... wrapper was quite light café crème color, vitola was hermoso or so. The Padrons and Olivias I had knocked me sideways with nicotine and pepper. I have discovered that I really like Cameroon wrapper. Closely followed by CT shade. Would love more recommendations along these lines - mellow and twangy.
  4. JLS 2 ENE 16 Ginger snaps, spice and dark cocoa. Impeccable construction - unlike some others from this box! Beautiful day in NYC.
  5. Could not handle the 1926 either. Had a Hemingway signature the other day - I've had the box for about a year. Even that seemed strong after smoking mainly CCs and the occasional Davidoff GC. Was at the Holts B&M in Philly yesterday. One of the problems with NCs is that there are so damn many of them. The selection and varieties, even within a single brand, are bewildering for those of us who mainly smoke Cuban. I got overwhelmed and didn't buy anything.
  6. These TUA BRCs from last year are continuing to perform... smoked down to the nub.
  7. I like Tabernacle... never had the Goliaths, but I have a bunch of Davids in the humidor.
  8. You smoked that in the park and didn't get harassed? Respect! : )
  9. Started with an AoC that went out multiple times, and I found the flavor one-dimensional. Hopefully the next one is better. Moved on to a 2012 MdO that was exquisitely tasty on the wrapper and the dry draw, but extremely tight. PerfecDraw didn't loosen it up much - I noticed that the hygrometer in that tupper read 70, so I recut it and am dryboxing. Third time's the winner, with a Nudie N3 Carlota Maduro that is smoking nicely. I was so tantalized by the complexities of the MdO that at first it seemed one-dimensional, and I'm aware that it could use a little more time, but now I'm enjoying it very much on this slightly cool Manhattan spring afternoon.
  10. It's been a minute... just cracked a cab of D4s, EOL MAR 21. Dark wrappers, oily tinge, smelled terrific. The first one was delicious but tunneled and went out three times. Second one tonight on the terrace, it's just warm enough here now. A little bit of tunneling and one relight / chop needed. But delicious and classic D4. Oh Cuba... I'm happy though.
  11. Stanza dei Sigarri in the North End is a must! And so is the North End in general, for eating, sight-seeing, and general vibes. Two great old cigar shops: - L.J. Perretti near the Public Garden - Leavitt & Peirce in Harvard Square
  12. First, I went to Stanza dei Sigari over the Christmas break and can state that it is one of the coolest spots I've visited in the past 10 years, cigars or no. Second, tobacco odors in clothing are not that bad. If people complain, it's time to change the people, not the clothing.
  13. First cigar in a few weeks! Maybe that is why it tasted especially delectable. At the Carnegie Club, BBF TUA ENE 21. My friend was equally satisfied.
  14. I have a box of OMU MAY 21 and the first one was more or less exactly as you describe. Really lovely cigar. Looking forward to more.
  15. Alexandra Elene MacLean Denny. Say no more. or
  16. Someone got to Better Call Saul before me! I'll still recap this from the Campbell Alexander ad: Each client's case is different and this prior result does not mean that any other client will necessarily experience the same results. The opinions expressed in this post are personal and do not reflect anything.
  17. These have been resting for a good 60-70 days and I just cracked the cab. It's extremely cold in the northeast of the USA and I have been smoking many Partagas Shorts and Siglo I's, not always to satisfaction. However this one I was able to have inside for various reasons, which may be one reason why it was so good. The stick gave off a dense aroma of gingerbread quite removed from its diminutive size. Straight cut. Dry draw - perfect, and I like some resistance, with a "thick" feeling and coffee notes. I had a good feeling almost immediately. Lighting was easy after a brief toast and I got a perfect cherry in an instant. First third reminded me of the best 2020 and 2021 Epi 1 and Epi Especiales I've had. Except more concentrated. Café au lait, coconut, and hay. With tons of rich smoke from the first puff. Second third expanded on those flavors with twang, a touch of ginger (but not spice or aniseed), and deeper cream. I smoked it to the nub and it never got hot or peppery. Consistent, complex, and cookies'n'cream throughout, not sweet per se, but almost like a good grain-fed, grass-finished aged ribeye. Almost a touch of blue cheese. Good things come in small packages it appears! Sorry for only one photo - it was gone before I knew it!
  18. I think you might have had bad luck! I've smoked quite a few of these with no construction or lighting problems. Sorry... great little smoke in my experience!
  19. Double-vaxxed required to enter the office since last summer, no exemptions. Most of us can work remotely but there are clear disadvantages to not being together in person, so we went to mandatory 3 days a week starting Sept 1. With the New Year and the advent of Omicron we have gone back to essential workers only in office, and are looking at introducing a booster requirement. Will reassess end of month. It's extremely tiresome but business has been robust throughout.
  20. I agree it would have been considerably worse without the vaccines though!

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