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    Hunting, fishing, camping, spending time with family. Our two dogs Goldie and Dutch! Getting back into cigars!

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  1. Been pretty busy lately but was able to get back on the water and do some fishing! Made a good lunch! Also caught a blue cat and white perch. Not a great day for numbers of fish but any day on the water is great!
  2. All mine are nc since the few cc I have are resting. Arturo Fuente Double Chateau Sungrown padron 3000 maduro 601 blue label toro fat bottom Betty toro la Gloria Cuban series r maduro
  3. Wife got this one this past week on a camping trip.
  4. Picked up a fiver of the deadwood sweet janes. Haven’t tried yet but I did enjoy the fat bottom Betty.
  5. Going through the same thing. I picked up some sixers from the 24:24 to get me started, oh and that box of cohiba maduros cause I’m a sucker for nc maduros I had to see what they are like. Hoping to pick up some more sixers for variety so I can see what I like. You near Richmond? edit just realized this is an old ass post, lol!
  6. 0 for me, no experience and the sticks I have bought I am letting rest until September, have a week at the beach and will sample from my first orders.
  7. Unbelievable, thank you so much for posting, had two lighters that I’ve had for 10 years a colibri and a cheap Robson jet lite that were sputtering flame and not lighting. Just did this hack and both are working again. I was even looking around for a new lighter on Amazon but now I will be able to use my colibri again!!! So cool.
  8. Couple things came in while I was camping. Fat bottom Betty toro box of 10 and a 10 pack of 601 blues, really loved the blues when I was smoking years ago will be interested to see how they are now.
  9. Getting a little camping in, rained all evening and night yesterday but weather is beautiful today! Supposed to be nice tomorrow as well.

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