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  1. Cuba needs a total sewer system overhaul. If they lift the embargo, plumbers can do a huge business! They tell you not to flush toilet paper because it clogs the pipes. Crazy. But, all in all a great experience and the Cuban people are so nice.
  2. I was in Cuba January 2020. The Hotel Nacional LCDH store was stocked full! I was restricted by my wife (and cash on hand) to $450 worth of product. But they had huge piles of every brand. It was crazy seeing that, I was paralyzed by the selection. Made out with a good selection of 3-packs. At that time, the tourist level was low as the US govt had ended cruise ships docking in Havana, so they hadn't swarmed the cigar shops. Kinda sad. But we had a great guided tour of western Cuba. I will go back. US Customs never asked about my cigars. I could have brought back way more, nobody looked!
  3. I had a wonderful experience at the LCDH store in Vancouver, BC some years ago. I was working in town and every afternoon I’d go in there. One day, they had a roller from the Cohiba factory rolling fresh Cohiba Robustos, right in the window! He brought a big stock of leaf in burlap bags. I bought one and smoked it in back in their little lounge/locker area. Great experience.
  4. Then, I was told by cigar shops that the normal supply chain has been somewhat disrupted because the Cubans use commercial airline cargo to ship much of their stock. Due to Covid, there have been fewer flights between Cuba and Europe, UK, other countries. Then, I heard the Chinese are now a major consumer of Cuban cigars and thus a lot of stock is going to Beijing. I heard up to 50% of the Habanos are going to China. UK distributor Hunters & Frankau seem to have a good supply, but it’s not easy getting cigars from the UK shipped out. Try to buy a SLB of Cohiba Robustos. Yes, there are 3 p
  5. I am BubbaLew from Chicago, IL. I have been smoking cigars for about 22 years. I enjoy a good Habanos cigar now and then. I used to go to the Cigar Aficionado "Big Smoke" events back in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Chicago is a good cigar town with many fine tobacco stores. I recently had the chance to go to Cuba, right before the Covid-19 pandemic struck. My wife tolerates my "hobby" and when we walked into the Casa Del Habanos cigar stores in Havana, I must say it was an out of body experience for me. All the years of saying "wouldn't it be great if I could just walk into a cigar sto
  6. There seems to be a shortage of certain Habanos cigar sizes on the international market. Anyone know if that is being addressed soon? The larger cigars are scarce and many of the well-known Cuban brands are hard to find, such as Cohiba Robusto, Siglo IV, Monte #2, Edmundo, H.Upmann in SLBs, Bolivar Belicoso Finos, almost no Double Coronas. I was in Havana a little over a year ago and there were tons of cigars at the Casa Del Habanos stores. Hope things recover soon.

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