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  1. Got one as a gift a couple of years ago. Still in the box... I don't like the concept.
  2. I dabble in Armagnac, owning probably 25ish bottles which is a fraction of my whiskey and wine. I gravitate to D’arroze because it just seems more “Farmer specific” than a particular “house style” They bottle single vintage, single vineyard Armagnac’s which leads to a less consistent across the board profile which I prefer They also do partial bottlings or maybe it’s better called “small batches” so that the 1996 Dom Cuzard Lasalle bottled in 2019 is different than the 2021 bottling I prefer that variation - highs and lows, hopefully avoiding the lows - to the predictable sam
  3. There’s been a push in recent years to do things like a 40% tax on cigars, stricter labeling requirements which already make it more difficult to introduce a new blend, outlawing of any philadelphia bloc or retail smoking (in cigar lounges, for instance). i’m not saying that they’ll actually do anything but, there are certainly things to do.
  4. I Like a punch for skinny cigars 42/43 and under, guillotine for all else except the occasional v-cut figurado
  5. Is this a retail site? A review site? Seems confusing.
  6. Love cheese! The stinkier the better; Epoisses, Muenster, various Blue’s etc. but, there are few cheese I don’t love. I typically stay away from additions but, I’ll eat those two. I bake high-whole grain sourdough and Eastern European sourdough ryes to go with them. I’m STARVING!!!
  7. I posted a photo of this elsewhere but this RJ Cazadores is a really nice smoke. I know it’s nothing fancy like some of the stuff posted here but I could live with these.
  8. Some of these older cigars that you post are absolutely beautiful. Out of my ballpark but, fun to look at.
  9. I love the 1964’s. I smoke the Superior’s and my inability to get them is what led me to Cuban’s. To each their own, I guess each their own.
  10. I’m a member of Holt’s Lounge on the outskirts of the city. It’s far larger than Ashton and BYOB. I know it doesn’t excuse prices but, being in Pennsylvania means that Ashton has to purchase all of their liquor through the state. It’s a difficult and expensive system and it’s pretty amazing that they have what they have. That said, the members lounge in Northeast Philly is far larger, more comfortable and my home away from home.
  11. Why is that? I’m a lover of skinny cigars and I always thought these were very popular in Cubans but, I can’t seem to ever get any at a decent price. The ones pictured above look amazing but, out of my price range.
  12. “…not usually great”. I think you may be trying the wrong examples. Dessert (sweet) wines are an acquired taste but, once you come to know the best of them, they are some of the greatest wines in the world and incredible values at that. The issue is that many of these wines tend to lack balance and are simple sweet, one-dimensional and fatiguing on the palate but, a great botrytis laced Sauternes or Berenauslese or a fabulous Quartz du Chaume (there are many more) are incredible experiences.

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