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  1. AN INTERESTING UPDATE !!!! TRAVELLING TO TORONTO I left Manchester, UK, (Ryanair) on Sept 21st, spent a few delightful days in Dublin and carried on to Toronto on Sept 24th. I remember boarding the Aer Lingus flight in Dublin and the next thing I remember is waking up in the Toronto airport hotel that I was booked into the following morning at 9am. I was travelling very light, with a tiny backpack to avoid the new high airline charges (at Ryanair) for regular carry on luggage. It now has to fit under the seat or one needs to pay a lot of money for the usual carry-
  2. Me too! I just googled the issue and many thousands of people around the world are being ripped off / mugged in the same way.
  3. I hear that the Native Reservations here in Canada are free from duties and taxes, and that they legally sell online... today I will need to try to replenish ...of course some of them may be wealthy enough to pay the exorbitant prices in the cigar stores, or elsewhere
  4. I went from the UK to Dublin on Sept 21st, met up with Ryan and a few other FOH characters for an enjoyable evening of cigar smoking and chat. I continued on my way to Canada on Sept 24th, arrived at 5:00 pm, traveling light with mainly my laptop and two weeks supply of my favorite cigars in travelling humidor. I woke up the next day in the airport hotel without remembering anything after the arrival, with my backpack emptied of the cigars and laptop. I eventually figured out what had happened. After arriving I think I stopped in an airport cafe to get my bearings and ordered a coffee. (
  5. I will be travelling to Canada soon with cigars and wondering whether my cigar lighter will be permitted as carry on luggage?
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