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  1. I agree with you here!! I think many survivor pools will lose a lot of people this week.
  2. I'm going against Detroit again this week(they just lost Pro Bowl Center). Like the Bengals even though its in Detroit.
  3. so washington is your 'lock' but in the tipping comp, you pick NO to beat Washington? very wise as those drunk hippos in ice found a new way to stuff up a game that they should have won by a mile, but it kinda contradicts your 'lock'? So I remember years back they use to have the "expert touts" that had a phone number to call and the recording would have their pick . They would give half the people who called one team and the other half the other team.
  4. Vikings over Detroit is the way to go this week. Detroit looked so bad last week against a terrible Bears secondary.
  5. Thanks everyone for the thorough discussion.I learned a lot. I am not as seasoned as many of you here and with that comes some naivety but maybe on he flip side an outsiders fresh perspective. So I really appreciate HalfWheel. I enjoy Charlie’s and the others writing style. I am procigar so I like to keep up on the news which they do a great job with and I have bought much cigar paraphernalia and NCs after their reviews. I appreciate Charlie’s response and detailed thoughts...So what I have garnered is that my suspicions are probably true. Stats can be played with but NSXCIGAR presented
  6. Kevin I have no idea either way what they call themselves but they are experts. What did Malcom Gladwell say... 10,000 hours. I agree. They should be cognizant enough to know that they need a Cuban specialist .
  7. I will look at the link you sent and maybe it just happens to be the cigars I look up there and the stats will say otherwise. I usually will just look up random regionals when I see them offered for purchase causing me to rarely pull the trigger on a purchase . Just a feeling I sense but maybe I'm wrong....
  8. Is it me or every time I look at a cuban cigar review on Halfwheel they bash it ? Do we think its just because they get no revenue from cuban cigars? Maybe they need to have a different editor/reviewer for their cuban tastings kind of like the Wine Advocate had for different wine regions.

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