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  1. Yeah like Bri Fi suggested these certainly aren't tobacco beetles, they're wood mites. My only concern was the number of them. Theres hundreds. And if they hatched because of warmer weather during shipping and multiply the amount of eggs would be insane. I have compressed air duster ready to clean out the box and sticks after the deep freeze.
  2. Hi All, my names Adam. Been lurking for a while and posted for the first time and got directed here for introduction. Been smoking cubans for a little over a decade according to my box dates in the humidor. Looking forward to spending more time here in the forum.
  3. Hi All, New to the forum and I see this has been a topic numerous times, but in my past with ordering cigars I've never had an issue with wood mites. I recently received two boxes with one of them absolutely crawling with mood mites. I'm talking hundreds throughout the box on a box of punch punch 25s. This was my first time ordering from this vendor as my other source didn't have punch punch currently. My question is would you send back or just go through the freezing and cleaning method mentioned multiple times before on this forum? They're currently sealed, and in freezer as a rep f

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